3 Must-Have Travel Shoes For Your Next Vacation

beach flip flops

Everyone loves a vacation.

Great as it is, it has a couple of downsides. One of those downsides is actually deciding which necessities you need to pack. For some people, the option of packing a limited amount of shoes can be daunting. However, it pays to know which shoes to pack as airlines are charging more and more for extra weight.

No worries, this article is going share 3 shoes that are a “must-have” as they can work in almost any situation whenever you are out on a vacation.

  1. Waterproof Shoes – It doesn’t matter where you are heading to, you should not skip packing waterproof shoes or sandals. Waterproof shoes can save you from a lot of disasters and can work in many situations. A sudden downpour? Well, no problem. A day at the beach? It can work. You can even use it on public or shared shower rooms and/or restrooms to protect your feet from the nasties on the floor.
  2. Slip-on Sneakers – Slip-on sneakers are not only comfortable and stylish, but they work great on a vacation. Just know your itinerary beforehand. If your vacation is more about city walking, then pick the most breathable pair of sneakers. If you hitting the outside city centers, then pick a one that has a good grip. The best thing about slip-on sneakers is not getting hassled by a number of security stops at the airport. The last thing you want is tying and untying your shoes every time you get halted by a security stop. God knows how many security stops you will have to go through from the moment you step on the airport to your departure area. Now imagine, having slip-on sneakers. You can simply slip on, and slip off. Quick and efficient!
  3. Comfortable Heels – A good vacation may involve a night out. Of course, heels work best in such situations. However, don’t go for super high pumps. Always go for stylish and comfort above else. You will probably get tired of the day’s exploring, and sky-high heels will not make your night out better. You can even find stylish foldable heels. They are easy to pack, and you can carry it in your bag just in case you don’t have time to run back to the hotel for a night out.

One of the things that you need to learn for a vacation is the art of packing. In terms of packing shoes, always pack waterproof shoes, slip on sneakers and comfortable heels. With these 3 in your luggage, you can tackle almost any situations while you are out on a vacation.