3 Step Guide on How to Comfortably Fly With a Baby

flying with baby

Your child’s comfort and safety during a flight gives you and those around you a peace of mind throughout the journey. A crying baby is the last thing you or anyone needs during a flight. It is, therefore, important that you give considerable time planning your next flight if you will be bringing along your infant. Ensure that you have everything the baby needs for maximum comfort throughout the flight if anyone in that plane is to enjoy their trip. Here is a list of things you can do to add up to this comfort and guarantee a relaxed journey with your baby.

  1. Pack extra supplies and cloth your baby well – There have been numerous cases in the past where a short flight turned out to be a nightmare and travelers had to spend even days on a supposedly few hours flight. In light of such and other uncertainties, it is always advisable that you have enough supplies, especially diapers and clean clothing. Additionally, regardless of the duration of the flight, dress your baby well with loose fitting clothes while carefully positioning the diapers and to avoid any discomfort.
  2. Protect your child’s ears and keep them busy during the flight – During take-off and descent, there is a lot of pressure build up in our ears that babies, unlike adults, can never get used to. Therefore, carry noiseless pressure relievers such as nipped-bottles or pacifiers that they can suckle to relieve stress during these times. If they can’t sleep during the flight, ensure you have equally noiseless toys that they can play with and keep themselves busy without distracting the peace of everyone around them.
  3. Book them a seat with a children-friendly airline and carry safety seat – When your baby is less than two years old, it is quite tempting to save that extra seat ticket by holding them on your lap, but at what cost? Did you know that lap-held children are the most likely to suffer serious accidents and injuries in case of severe turbulence? For this reason, as long as your baby can sit comfortably, book them a seat and carry your car safety seat with you; these are always free of charge if they have a tag approving aircraft use.

Take the safety and comfort of your child seriously. This will avoid unnecessary regrets after the flight. With these in place, you can rest assured of a comfortable flight with your young one all the way.