5 Destinations In Europe For A Romantic Getaway


Fall is already here, and it’s the perfect time to go on a romantic getaway with your special someone. In this article, we have compiled top 5 destinations in Europe for a romantic getaway:

  1. Venice – This truly iconic city is well known for its’ river streets, romanticism and tranquility. Venice is an amazing maze of delectable trattorias and alluring alleyways which float above the waters. There are scenic canals strewing the city, and these can be enjoyed using a boat. You can take a romantic gondola ride with your better half, and participate in the Venice tradition of kissing under the bridge(s) as you pass by. You can also take a walk down Piazza San Marco, and get to experience the stunningly beautiful architecture of Basilica di San Marco. Bottom line, Venice has a lot to offer, in terms of a romantic getaway, and you can be rest assured to create some great memories here.
  2. Paris – Also known as the City of Love, Paris is arguable the most romantic place on earth. With its’ cinematic decors and unmatched charm, Paris attracts all kinds of lovebirds, all year round, from every part of this beautiful planet. Paris offers a lot of romantic things to do including; strolling along the River Seine, dining at absolutely elegant restaurants and touring the iconic museums located in Paris. Moreover, you can enjoy unforgettable moments at the Eiffel Tower which you and your amour will cherish forever.
  3. Rome – The capital of Italy is the ideal place to visit if you want a splendid romantic getaway. Rome has amazing historical sites, cobblestone streets, great food, and a lot of other things for you and your special someone to enjoy. You can go to the Flavian Amphitheater to re-live the era of the gladiators, or you can visit the Roman forum where you will enjoy beautiful sights like the Arch of Titus and Temple of Saturn. Whatever your preferences, Rome has something for everyone.
  4. London – London is an ideal romantic destination for lovers. It has the perfect blend of spectacular, cool, classic, sweet, modern and quirky. You can take a stroll/walk around Westminster Abbey, while listening to the chimes from Big Ben, or you can go for romantic walks as you enjoy the amazing sites London has to offer. Whatever your preferences, London has a lot to offer, and will provide something special and romantic for you and your better half.
  5. Prague – This incredible city has quickly become one of Europe’s most romantic cities. Prague has actually been considered to be one of the most beautiful cities on the planet since the Middle Ages. It has been described by adjectives like “the golden city“, “the city of hundred spires“, and “crown of the world.“ It has inevitable charm, and its’ architecture will make you fall in love with it. When you visit Prague, you will find Historic Center of Prague which has been on UNESCO World Heritage Lists since the year 1992, and its’ 866 hectares of land makes it is one of the largest historic city centers on the planet. Prague as a romantic getaway destination, is not only easy on the eyes, but it is also very pocket friendly. Here, you and your special someone can wander through the quaint historical squares, check out the majestic castles, and enjoy views of the romantic Charles Bridge without spending any money.
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