5 Dresses That Are Perfect For The Beach

Tropical vacation. Young beautiful woman in black dress and hat on the beach.

If you are planning to go on a beach summer vacation, you need to carefully prepare your wardrobe in advance. A beach vacation is supposed to be relaxing and worry free right from the start to finish, therefore packing early is crucial so you do not stress out with last minute packing. That being so, when packing for your beach vacation, you should make smart choices and limit yourself. Carrying around an over packed suitcase is not only stressful, but you will also not have enough room for the extra trinkets, gifts and gear you buy on your trip back home. You need to pack lightweight clothing which is comfortable for the day trips, sightseeing and shopping excursions. The key is packing wisely and sticking with the right summer clothing, which can conveniently take you from a lovely day in the sandy beaches, to a nice evening out in town.

A breezy and lightweight beach dress is a must have when going on a beach summer vacation. It will keep you cool, while providing you with adequate coverage from the hot sun. Whether you are after something that’s casual, or something which is bit more fancy, a beach dress is the simplest way to ensure you always feel confident when walking on the sandy beaches. A perfect beach dress should be stylish, lightweight, and low-maintenance. Here are 5 dresses that are perfect for a beach vacation:

  1. Sundresses – Sundresses are a very popular option for a summer beach vacation. They’re made from lightweight, and free flowing fabrics which comes in many different styles, patterns, and colors. When looking for the perfect beach dress, consider a strapless, V-neck, and halter sundress; this type of dress can go from the sandy beach, to a cozy restaurant.
  2. Shirt Dresses – These are among the most chic beach dresses for girls. Although there are some shirt dresses which are knee high, most of them usually end at the mid thigh. These type of dresses look like an oversized shirt which is fitted at all the right places. You can wear this type of beach dress over the swimsuit; the dress goes particularly well with strapless swimsuits and halter swimsuits. On the other hand, if you don’t want your cover up, you can opt for a dark colored shirt dress. You can choose the sleeveless shirt dresses if you wish to tan better.
  3. Maxi Dresses – These are the most common/popular beach dresses. These dresses are great if you don’t want to catch a tan. Also if you prefer just sitting and relaxing under your umbrella instead of going swimming, this is the perfect beach dress for you. It will make you look pretty and elegant even when you’re relaxing.
  4. Kaftans – These are very popular among women. Some Kaftans end at mid calf, while others can end at the mid thigh. Most of the Kaftan beach dresses are made of lightweight material; this means your swimsuit will be visible beneath it. You can match the color of a Kaftan with the color of the swimsuit you are wearing, or you can choose a color that clearly contrasts the color of your swimwear.
  5. Slip Dresses – Slip dresses are perfect for the beach. They are light, comfortable, and are usually knee length with spaghetti straps. These type of beach dresses will not only help you tan the arms, shoulders and legs, but they also feel very comfortable. You simply need to open the dress when you going into the calm blue waters.