5 Excellent Free Airport Perks

Yoga Room SFO

Over the recent years, some of the major international airports have taken highly creative routes to keep the visitors entertained. Sure, air travel may even seem to be a bit more cramped and even less amusing, but one can certainly expect their time at the terminal before departure to be quite a delight.

From 9-hole golf courses to 40 foot slides and beer gardens, many airports have introduced products unlike anything you can possibly imagine.

5 excellent free airport perks

  1. Yoga Room, San Francisco International airport – Why not use the time left before boarding the flight to catch up on your spiritual roots? At the terminal 2 of San Francisco International airport, you’ll find a 24/7 open yoga room to channel your inner harmony. The place has everything you desire – blocks, mats, air-conditioned environment, sanitizing wipes, etc. Even though this place lacks a trainer, it is still good enough to get the flow going and attain a calmer state of mind.
  2. Ice skating rink, Munich airport – If you ever happen to find yourself at Munich airport in one of the colder months, don’t forget to make the most out of it by doing some ice skating. Between terminals 1 and 2, you’ll find a winter recluse complete with a free to use ice-skating rink and more than 50 stands selling variety of gifts and goodies. This covered outdoor atrium is the perfect place to beat the airport blues and board the flight with a calm mind.
  3. Nine hole golf course, Hong Kong airport – Find this fact hard to believe? Well you better believe it because this is no ordinary putt putt play area. In fact, this is a professional level course created right outside of terminal 2 at the Hong Kong airport. Built according to United States golf Association standards, this place has 7 par-3 and 2 par-4 holes among rolling greens. You’ll also find other facilities such as a clubhouse, Thai restaurant, and a gift shop.
  4. Butterfly Garden, Changi airport – This is perhaps one of the most innovative perks that any airport has come up with in recent times. The butterfly garden in terminal 3 at Singapore’s Changi airport is filled with lush flowers full of sunflower gardens and rooftop cactus. If you’re tired of breathing recycled here and absorbing the fluorescent airport lighting, this is one place that will surely freshen you up.
  5. Beer garden, Germany – It’s difficult to imagine beer without thinking of the pioneers themselves, Germany. Now you can find your own private beer recluse without even leaving the airport premises. Located just outside of the Security section, the 600 seat AirBrau brewery is a place unlike any other. Offering live entertainment, Bavarian delicacies, and hundreds of house made Brews, this airport is bound to please all your senses.