5 Tips For Packing Your Suitcase

A suitcase is one of the travel accessories you can’t do without. But it is surprising that over 90% of jet setters today often struggle to pack their cases, often ending up carrying more luggage than they actually need.

Here are the top 5 handy tips that can help you pack up your suitcase easily and efficiently.

  1. Gather Everything You Need Before You Start Packing Up – Most often than not, we tend to leave out the things that we need for our trips in place of stuff that we’ll barely use. Gathering everything first minimizes your chances of carrying unnecessary items on your next trip before you even begin packing. This way, you can quickly sort out the unnecessary items but while still focusing on what you really need to make it through the trip.
  2. Learn What to Fold and What not To – When it comes to making the best use of your suitcase’s space, a rule of the thumb is to fold all soft clothing and roll up denim jeans, khakis, leather jackets or any other type of stiff clothing.
  3. Prioritize Disposable Items – Always, when packing for a few days trip avoid carrying consumable products in permanent containers. Instead, substitute these with disposable wrappings that you can throw away once you’ve used them up.
  4. Use Your Shoes Wisely – Avoid just shoving down your shoes in your suitcase with no regard to the amount of unnecessary space that you take up in the process. For starters, pack them at the bottom of the bag. Then utilize/redeem the space that they take up by putting in some small items inside them. This could be anything from jewelry to charging cables. Alternatively, you can fill them up with socks and other small accessories.
  5. Learn How To Pack Wisely – Instead of just throwing in all your garments haphazardly in your bag, have a strategic plan that will not only minimize the space taken up, but will also make packing and unpacking easier.
    • But first things first: The top layer should be clothes that you’ll wear first. You should also try snaking belts around the perimeter of your bag to save on that space taken up rolls of leather.
    • Again, the rolled items from above should be placed at the bottom of the bag after the shoes. Complement this arrangement by covering up the entire set up using a paper bag. This way, you can prevent the creases from setting in during transit that is mostly caused by clothes sitting in a temporary position for too long.


What are your favorite suitcase packing tips?