5 Tips for Packing Light

close the overfilled suitcase

Packing for travel can be a daunting task considering the hassles that come with it. This is especially so when you have to do some packing. When planning for a weekend getaway, you would want to have a little luggage as possible. As a result, you would want to make this trip as exciting as possible by packing light. However, packing light can be challenging if you do not understand how to do it right. The following are five tips that would help you pack light.

  1. Roll everything – As a traveler, you want to avoid wrinkles on your clothes while at the same time utilize the space available efficiently. Rolling up your clothing is the best option that would ensure this happens. This is not only important for packing light but also for any other kind of travel.
  2. Pack one piece outfits – Since most vacations are done during the summer, you do not need to take much clothing with you. Instead of packing jeans, a layering piece and a top, you can make this simple by using a one piece outfit. In this regard, rompers, dresses and jumpsuits are the perfect clothing for packing light. Otherwise, you can also opt for light tops and little shorts that will pack compactly well.
  3. Use travel ready beauty products – When it comes to beauty products, it is advisable that you choose the most essential. Make sure that you choose travel ready products that have multiple uses. For instance, you can go for a creamy eyeliner stick that will also act as eye shadow and a liquid foundation which will also be used as a moisturizer.
  4. Take two pairs of shoes – Shoes can be challenging when it comes to packing. As much as you would want a different pair for each outfit, this may not be necessary for short trips. Wear one pair on your way and pack the other. This will go a long way in creating more space for other essential items.
  5. Go for a versatile travel outfit – There are several ways you can wear an outfit. When packing light, choose outfits that offer you versatility on its use. For summer getaways, you are better off going for simple cotton garments. Choose an outfit that will compliment most of your other accessories. This will help avoid the hassle of taking up too much clothing.

With these, you can be sure of a light suitcase. This can only mean more fun and less worries on having to deal with a heavy bag. Enjoy your vacation more with you light package.