6 Beach Accessories You Need For the Summer


It’s always summer somewhere in the world and that means you could be called to active beach duty at any time!
And there is nothing worse than getting there without all the accessories to ensure it’s going to be the best beach day ever! Here is a list of six must-have items to ensure a fun, carefree day in the sun, sand and the sea.

  1. Sun protection – because safety first. We all know about the dangers of too much sun. Get overall protection with a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen. Leave the $200 sunglasses at home and opt for a cheap pair that you won’t be devastated if it gets scratched; just make sure that the lenses are UV protected.
  2. Beach towels – because sand. Yes, sand. This seemingly innocent, benign, tiny particle seems to develop supernatural anti-gravity capabilities that allows it to travel up pant legs and shirt sleeves and even pass through several layers of clothing – you need protection and towels are the first line of defense.
  3. Phone kit – because you can’t live without your phone. We already know you are taking your phone. Since you are, you might as well make sure it’s juiced up and protected. Some models have dedicated beach covers but normally just a sturdy Ziploc bag or similar will suffice without putting a dent in your pocket. Your kit should also include a power bank because those selfies can be a bit taxing on your battery.
  4. Play gear – because the beach is meant for play. From the ubiquitous multi-colored inflatable beach ball to a volleyball to a Frisbee to water guns, the beach brings out the kid in all of us. Of course, the best thing about play gear is that play is one of the best ways to make new friends on the beach.
  5. Reading material – because the beach is also meant for relaxation. Most of us have spent more time in the sun sleeping under an open book on our faces than reading them. Either method is very conducive to rest and relaxation. Just remember that Kindles don’t absorb heat quite as well as their paper counterparts.
  6. Beach bag – because No 1 to 5 above…. and many others. Those are the five essentials above but your beach bag will fill up with a whole lot of other stuff almost by magic. Make sure its deep enough so things don’t fall out, with a wide strap that’s comfortable on your shoulder and bright and cheerful just like you!