8 Things To Remember When Going On A Beach Holiday


There is no holiday like a beach holiday – it is like the very best of both worlds rolled into one, an escape from everyday into the perfect location to rest, relax and engage in the always-exciting sport of people watching. Make your getaway even better by following our eight tips for the perfect beach holiday.

  1. Research – Sure, Bali‘s Kuta Beach is fantastic, but being the tourist hotspot it is, it is also crowded and pricey. Near every major beach anywhere are several other quieter spots that are just as, if not more, beautiful.
    Doing a little bit of research before you arrive means a more enjoyable day when you arrive. Instagram has emerged as one of the best tools for the intrepid beach vacationer with people posting pictures of their ideal beach spots from around the world.
  2. Hydration – The big, bright sun might be the biggest draw to the beach for you, but it can also be the reason for that dizziness you feel, both while you are there and afterwards. The reason: dehydration. We lose considerably more fluids while out in the open and in the hot sun compared to our shady homes and offices so the standard 8 glasses a day is not enough. Up your fluid intake and drink slightly more than just enough to quench your thirst every time.
  3. Sun Protection – It is not only the water loss that we escape in our homes and offices; it is also the prolonged exposure to intense UV radiation. Go all out with protection when you are not tanning (and easy on the tanning, too) with a hat, sunglasses, long sleeves and, most importantly, sunscreen or sunblock. Read the labels on your sun protection creams and reapply as required while you bake.
  4. Mini first-aid kit – Peeing only helps (supposedly) with jellyfish stings – for all other cuts and nicks, you need a first aid kit. The sand has the ability to hide objects very well, be it a ripped tin can, a piece of glass or simply a really sharp pebble so be prepared. Stock a medi kit small enough to fit in your purse with some disinfectant, Band-Aids and Aspirin – for anything else, be aware of where the lifeguard station is.
  5. Timing – The sun is at its most intense between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. This brings out the tanning crowd during that period and also means that the beach will be heavily populated by families with little children after that period. Depending on which category you fall in, you can adjust your schedule to take advantage of the right crowd when you are there.
  6. Waterproof bags – Whether it is for the camera, the ubiquitous phone or whatever else, a good waterproof bag will allow you to enter the water content that your stuff will stay dry and safe. Get one with a sling that allows you to secure it to your body so you have one less thing to worry about losing. They also offer great protection from the sand.
  7. Valuables – The short tip: Don’t bring valuables to the beach. Earrings, chains and pendants have a way of dropping silently into the sand so you never know which little inch among the endless miles to look.
  8. Food – The majority of fare that you can buy at the beachside is less than healthy and usually overpriced. Pack a snack pack that you can munch on without having to leave your spot or having to spend a dime. Carrots and celery sticks are a great healthy options that fill and hydrate at the same time.