Adults Only at Couples Negril

Adults Only at Couples Negril

The Couples Negril luxury resort, is an adults only resort that’s tucked away on a secluded white sandy beach which has turquoise waters in Negril, Jamaica. This resort is perfect for adults who want to get away from all the bustle and hustle of daily life. This all inclusive luxury resort is located on 18 acres of lush tropical gardens located in a prime beachfront setting.

The Adults Only Couples Negril beach resort offers well appointed accommodations, a wide variety of activities, numerous amenities and absolutely delectable dining options for a truly unforgettable romantic getaway. After making a reservation, you can select from the 234 rooms and suites which come well furnished with king sized beds, direct dial telephone, air conditioning, ceiling fans, CD player, satellite TV, shower and bath, hairdryer, and a private patio or balcony overlooking the beautiful gardens or the Caribbean. The rooms also have lots of tropical decorations and sunlight which gives them an airy and bright feel. Some of the other offerings available in this amazing 234 room beach resort include, but not limited to; free meals, minibars, unlimited golf, excursions, water sports, airport transfers, and much more.

The resort rooms are in separate three story building units with plenty of space and facilities spread all throughout the grounds; this provides an open and relaxed atmosphere where guests do not need to walk far in order to reach their destination. The main activity building for reception, restaurants, lounges, spa, gymnasium and buffets, is located at the center of the property, and is very well placed. In the main building’s first¬†floor, you’ll find restaurants, gym, buffet and spa areas.

Things To Do

Other than the beautiful coral cliffs, the white sandy beaches and the sparkling Caribbean sea, there are numerous other sights and activities to partake in around Couples Negril. They include; wind surfing, sailing, kayaking, beach volleyball, canoeing, tennis, snorkeling, water tricycles, water aerobics, yoga, water skiing, golfing, and even scuba diving for certificated divers. Moreover, if you’re looking to explore the incredible island of Jamaica, the Couples Negril beach resort offers 5 excursions within its’ all inclusive package. You can opt to explore, you can visit the Dunn River Falls which is located near the Ocho Rios, or you can go on a romantic sunset cruise and get to soak up fiery hues of pink, gold, and purple. At night, the beach resort comes alive with great vibrant music and amazing performances, however, if you like something low key, you can opt for movies under the bright stars or you can get a relaxing couples massage at the spa.

Best Time of the Year To Go

Fall, winter and also during early spring is usually much less humid as compared to summer and late spring; summer and late spring is usually more humid with daily rain showers. Late August all through to early October has unpredictable weather. Prices are usually higher from mid-October to mid April, with Christmas season having higher prices than any other time of the year.

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