Adventure Experience: The Arctic Circle

Adventure Experience: The Arctic Circle
Land of the Midnight Sun

The Arctic also commonly nicknamed “The Land of the Midnight Sun,” is a polar region that’s located at the northern most part of the planet. The Arctic basically consists of; the Arctic Ocean, the adjacent seas, and parts of Canada, Alaska, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Russia. It’s the place of the viking conquest and it has a rich collection of amazing wildlife including polar bears, walrus, musk oxen, narwhal, caribou, hares, arctic foxes, lemmings, eagles, whales, ptarmigan, among many others.

While the varieties of wildlife are usually the main inspiration for visiting the Arctic circle, this region offers much more than just plentiful wildlife. Here you’ll find spectacular scenery, absolutely unique culture, a multitude of amazing activities, a really fascinating history and even a chance to view the elusive phenomena, that is the northern lights.

Things To Do

  • Cross-country skiing – You can explore the snow smothered Arctic landscape on snowmobiles or snowshoes, but if you really want to cover ground without having to rely on the noisy vehicles, you should consider trying cross country skiing. When cross country skiing, you’ll get to cruise around glaciers and fells, and enjoy spectacular sites.
  • Go on a Husky Tour – This is a really fun activity for both kids and adults. Before embarking on the tour, you’ll be taught how to harness and even drive your very own team of snow dogs, and also how to feed and settle them. Kids will really enjoy the Santa style sleigh rides, and you can also take them to visit reindeer farms.
  • Dog Sledding – Dog sledding is a classic way of experiencing Arctic nature. There is something about experiencing the Arctic’s majestic landscapes from a dog sled’s perspective that a skiing tour can’t match. This thrilling activity will forever be etched in your memory for years to come.

Best Time of the Year to Visit

The best time to visit the Arctic is from the month of June to September; during these times the warmer weather usually melts the ice and the Arctic wakes up from its’ long winter sleep. Moreover, the month of June has long hours of daylight which are ideal for exploring, checking out the wildlife and the blooming flora. The month of July is usually the warmest, and you may get to see all kinds of birds. During late summer (that is from August to September), the Arctic is most accessible and there’s much better light for taking memorable photographs. October to April are usually the rainiest and coldest months.

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