Adventure: Sri Lanka


Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka is an island located in Southern Asia. Sri Lanka is one of Asia’s ultimate tropical paradise. It has endless miles of beautiful golden beaches, abundant natural riches, lush tropical forests, tremendous cultural, ethnic and physical diversity, and great biodiversity. It also has a long and distinguished history that has been enriched by many centuries of foreign influence, and strong physical evidence still remains in form of Colonial buildings, Buddhist temples, and Dutch forts.

Thanks to its’ rich cultural heritage and stunning natural treasures, Sri Lanka is an excellent island getaway which is quite unlike any other on the planet. This incredible island provides a truly enchanting getaway which offers an entirely new perspective/view of the world that we live in. Destinations that are within the island are all unique and different from one another, be it the natural landscapes, local traditions, beaches or wildlife. Each of them offers a special kind of escape that provides a deep insight into what has made this island a true wonder of Asia; you can take part in thrilling water sports near the South Coast beaches, then catch a magical sunset along the Western Coastline, and then wake up to a spectacular sight of the sunrise in the Eastern Coastline.

Things To Do in Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka is well known for its’ exotic wildlife which can be comfortably observed at any of the country’s National Parks. You can enjoy a safari experience in Yala, Wasgamuwa or Wilpattu, you can go to witness the elephant gathering at Minneriya, or/and you can take part in bird watching at Bundala.
  • Sri Lanka is blessed with a wealth of rivers, swamps, and lagoons, most of which are interconnected with canals thus offering canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts endless opportunities to enjoy nature.
  • This incredible island has rugged terrains, mountain gaps, snaking rivers, high peaks, high waterfalls, and deep chasms, which makes it a great destination for those who love trekking and hiking. With a multitude of roads which wind through the expanding mountains,paddy fields, lush green forests and parks, Sri Lanka offers lots of opportunities to the adventurous trekkers and hikers.
  • Sri Lanka also offers probably the best diving experiences on the planet. It has a multitude of exotic fishes, ancient shipwrecks, colorful coral gardens, caves, and so much more for the diving enthusiasts. Alternatively, you can opt to go surfing from November to April in the southern and western coast.

Best Time of The Year To Visit Sri Lanka

Generally speaking, Sri Lanka is an all year round destination since there’s usually one region of the island experiencing great weather, while the other is experiencing poor weather condition. That being so, the best time recommended to visit Sri Lanka, is during the dry season; that is from April to September (for the eastern coast), and from December to March (for the western coast and the central highlands).