Best Caribbean Destinations for Group Travel

Best Caribbean Destinations for Group Travel

Maybe you are a hugger, maybe you are a handshaker; perhaps you prefer to say just say hello when everyone around is kissing cheeks. It doesn’t matter – you know you would love a group vacation. Group vacations make a lot of sense. First of all, as they say, happiness shared is happiness multiplied. In that sense, there is just no way to top a holiday with a bunch of people you know and love. However, the idea works just as well even if you are traveling with a group with individuals you do not know.

For most of us, the best part of a holiday is getting to know people outside our social circles in exotic new surrounds. With a group holiday, you are guaranteed a hit on both counts, and with the added benefit that you will be less likely to just lose touch after the vacation is over.

Then, there is the benefit of safety in numbers. Most of us would never venture out alone in a new city, particularly in certain parts of the world. While that makes complete sense (and is a highly recommended by us), there is something to be said about walking the road less traveled. A group of companions gives you the numerical confidence to explore and discover places and things that may very well be the highlights of your shared getaway.

Of course, group vacations can also have their shortcomings. One of the most common is reaching a consensus, be it for meals, which sites to explore and how much time to spend at each, and, the biggest thorn, tabulating shared expenses at the end. Most of these are easily avoided simply by recognizing these possible concerns and having a clearly-defined policy to address them before the trip even starts. A great way to pre-empt issues with shared expenses is to book an all-inclusive which does away with the majority of them.

The Caribbean can be the setting for awesome group vacations and there is no shortage of all-inclusives on its islands.

Some of the top destinations in the region are Nassau in The Bahamas; Provo in Turks and Caicos; Negril, Jamaica; Christ Church in Barbados and Nevis in the West Indies.

These five stand above the others for the wide range of activities in which you can indulge, perfect for a varied bunch of people. They also feature accommodation that ranges from the opulent to the basic so any group can find their ideal holiday base.