Business Group Travel

business group travel

Business Travel Groups

Group travel is very necessary as an incentive for company employees. If you have a company where you have employed several workers, then organizing for them a group travel once every year will be the best way of motivating them to perform better. Sparing some time in a specific period of the year for the workers to go out and relax will make them stay encouraged.

Business travel will also create time for you to socialize with employees in your company.

There are several destinations where you can travel as a business group. Some of the places you can visit include the following

  • Cartagena, Colombia – This is a port city in the North East part of Colombia. It has beautiful beaches where you can relax with your employees. There are several old Spanish forts which you can tour and have a feel of change in your daily lives.
  • Isla Margarita, Venezuela – This is a beautiful island in the state of Nueva Esparto where you can spend time and swim. Other activities include fishing and diving.
  • Punta del Este, Uruguay – This is a great destination in Uruguay where you can visit and spend time diving with your group. There are several beaches for you to relax on the sand.
  • Ambergris Caye, Belize – The Great Blue Hole, Belize – If you prefer scuba diving, you will have an opportunity to come across the best site on earth.
  • Lake Titicaca, Bolivia – This is a beautiful lake between Peru and Bolivia. You will enjoy seeing the Andes and the reflection of the sky from the lake.

As with any travel, there are always challenges, some of the more common group travel challenges are:

  • Traffic delays – Traffic delays can really affect your tour. When traveling in a group each one of you will have to wake up from your hotel and meet at a specified meeting point. The traffic delays can affect the group schedule and the fun of the trip.
  • Wrong apparel – In a group some people will wear inappropriate clothes. They may make others uncomfortable. Others will even use perfumes which will make other group members very uncomfortable.

Windy City Travel can help!

We can help you decide on the best destination for your specific group and get everyone into the same hotel so that delays will not affect your travel experience. We can help advise you on cultural differences of your favorite destination so that apparel is not an issue. We can take care of the details so that all your group has to do is have fun!