Cruising Bermuda

Bermuda Beach

Bermuda is one of the most sought-after cruising destinations in the United States. Located on the east coast of Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda has a high number of ships cruising during summer months that sums up to 50% of tourists taking cruises to the beautiful island annually. Tourists flock to this island for the famous golf courses and pink sandy beaches. Bermuda is a perfect destination from the day-to-day stresses of life. Enjoy scuba adventures, Botanical gardens, beautiful aquariums and afternoon tea.

There are certain things to consider before cruising to Bermuda. We’re going to look at some of the experiences of cruising ships docking as well as selecting the best cruising deal for Bermuda. There are three ports where ships dock in Bermuda depending on the ship’s schedule and size. This includes; St. George, King’s Wharf and the Hamilton ports. A good number of cruises dock for three days, thus giving you an ample to time to relax and explore the island’s beauty.

Benefits of Cruising to Bermuda

  • So why should you take a cruise to Bermuda instead of flying? Apart from cost, what are other benefits of cruising to Bermuda? Let’s highlight some of the advantages of cruising to Bermuda.
    1. Cost – This is the number one benefit of cruising to Bermuda. Most of the cruising packages are all-inclusive. This means that the money you pay caters for all during the entire duration. Costs covered in the package include accommodation, entertainment and facilities such as fitness centers and swimming pools.
    2. Lots of Entertainment – Ships on transit to Bermuda offer plenty of entertainment compared to hotels located in Bermuda. Some of the entertainment offered in these ships include nightclubs, shopping arcades, live bands and restaurants.

Things to Do while Cruising to Bermuda

  • Below are some of the amazing activities to indulge in while on a cruise to Bermuda.
    1. Golfing: Bermuda is widely known for some of the world’s amazing golf courses. Some of the best golf tournaments are held on these courses.
    2. St. George: it has beaten the odds to retain its old buildings from the 1600s. This includes the Old State House and Old Rectory.
    3. Horseshoe Bay Beach: the beach is surrounded by cerulean and turquoise waters hence a perfect destination during the summer.
    4. Take some visits to Fantasy and Crystal caves. These caves were discovered in the year 1907.
    5. St. Peter’s Anglican Church: this is the oldest Anglican Church in history. It was built during 1600s.

2016 Regular Cruises

  • The following are some of the common cruises to Bermuda:
    • Norwegian Breakaway
    • Celebrity Summit
    • Anthem of the Seas
    • Norwegian Dawn