Delightful Adventures on Dominica Island


The Caribbean islands are truly blessed with charming nature offerings. One of the most notable jewels of the Caribbean is the Dominica Island. This is an ideal location for people who are seeking adventure and exploration. Also called the Nature Island, the Dominica will spoil you when you are looking for wild activity. From clear waterfalls, to volcanic peaks and lush rain-forests, this unspoiled ambiance is marvelous. To begin with, if you love nature walks, this island is home to the first long-distance walking trail in the Caribbean. It is called the Waitukubuli National Trail. It is made up of 115 miles of breathtaking scenery.

You will be happy to know that this trail crosses through a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to a boiling lake. This fascinating boiling lake is the second largest in the world. The Dominica Island is also home to some of the best flora and fauna. Simple walks to the Trafalgar Falls and the Emerald Pool will make for great adventure. The lush green scenery will be visible virtually everywhere. This way, you can view the two native parrot species which are Jaco and Sisserou. When you do not want to walk anymore, you can consider water activities in the island. You can engage in kayaking, diving and snorkeling.

Champagne Reef is an awesome snorkeling site where you can enjoy all the island has to offer; this not to mention that you will be in the midst of bubbling waters that were created through geothermal vents. Swim side by side with reef fish and turtles that are attracted to human activities in the azure sea. If you want to explore waters that are not salty in the island, you can consider the Dominica’s waterfalls and rivers. To this end, you can take a boat tour that is guided along the Indian River to explore some more.

While at the island, the fun does not stop there. You can also explore the local culture and see what they are about. From ancestral crafts to cuisines, you can visit the Carib territory to get the full dose of culture. You will be amazed at how rich the culture is. You cannot complete your adventure without hiking to the volcanic crater lake. You will have a chance to marvel at the awesome natural beauty. There is so much more to do here. February to April is the best time to visit when it is dry.