Destination Countryside: Skåne, Sweden

Destination Countryside: Skåne, Sweden

Year after year, Skåne, Sweden ranks high on lists measuring happiness, quality of life, and equality making it a fantastic place to visit. Skåne, known for its, burgeoning foodie culture, and breathtaking natural landscapes, and picturesque medieval sites, is a superb travel destination in anytime of the year.

Skåne province is really gorgeous; with endless sandy beaches, rolling plains, and white cottages in the distance. The scenery and landscapes here will pleasantly surprise you! Why? Because they most probably differ from the picture you may have in your head. You’ll meet miraculously rolling farmland and get to see the Europe’s richest farming areas.

Skåneis a pretty patchwork quilt which features lakes and forests littered with museums, castles, and manors as well as magnificent gardens and fertile farmlands.

Drinks And Food In Skåne

Skåne is incredibly popular for its drinks and food. The goose, shellfish, lamb, and venison are fantastic here, and you will enjoy them at any place of your choice including bars, cafés luxurious restaurants, and bistros, located in Malmö.

Why Visit Skåne – The Top 4 Must-See Attractions In Skåne

A trip to Skåne wouldn’t be complete without visiting the top four attractions in Southern Sweden. Ensure you don’t miss the following Skåne’s classic tourist attractions and the most exciting places to visit. Snap the breathtaking views, visit memorable landmarks, and tick against the attractive areas which make up the ultimate Skåne experience.

  1. Sofiero Castle & Gardens – Voted as the Europe’s most attractive park, Sofiero castle & gardens is a perfect place to bring your blanket, fill the picnic basket and experience thousands of beautiful rhododendron bushes which decorates the surroundings. Ensure you take a mouth watering- lunch in one of the Sweden’s top restaurants or just pop by the café or on site.
  2. Ales Stones – Be awed by an aura of an ancient spot which dates back to the earliest Iron Age. The mystical monument features 59 massive boulders which are arranged in a 220 foot-long outline which is located 105 feet above the sea level.
  3. The Turning Torso – Remember to take a towering selfie with the most tall residential building in the Nordic nations in the background. Constructed and designed by a renowned Spanish architect called Calatrava, the twisted tower is one of the most visited landmarks in Skåne.
  4. Skåne And Malmö Beach – If you never knew it, Skåne is a province of bathers. Whether a river, sea or Lake, Swedes will get off their kit and jump into it. Skåne is awash with clean and beautiful sandy beaches. Luckily, even Malmö city has got its own beach at Ribersborg, which is only 20-minute stroll from the city center. Having shallow water, the 1.5 miles long beach is perfect for kids. This beach is also lined with lots of things for kids (and you) to do such as; play areas, beach cafés, and barbecue spots. Skåne’s beaches features warm water and fine white sand.

The Bottom Line

Full of rolling yellow fields, shimmering green forests and a majestic coastline, Skåne is the best place for relaxation. It’s the only place where you can enjoy charming fishing villages, peaceful countryside, and miles of sandy beaches which are just a stone’s throw away from the bustle and hustle of urban life. Just spoil yourself with a great night in a beautiful castle, appreciate fine art and culture, and survey the best of modern cutting-edge architecture.