Destination Countryside: Vancouver Island, Canada

Destination Countryside: Vancouver Island, Canada

Vancouver Island, Canada is the largest landmass anchored between the Pacific shores of North America and Eastern New Zealand, occupying approximately 300 miles along Western British Columbia coastline. You can efficiently access the Island from Vancouver city or Washington province by ferry or on a flight. The hometown is a cultural hub of the indigenous Pacific communities, which were established on fishing and featured the term ‘Port’ in their names. Much of the island is covered by wilderness, making it a trendy countryside destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Why Travel to Vancouver Island, Canada?

Vancouver Island is the 43rd largest island in the world and 11th in Canada. Your trip starts by boarding a high-speed, 90-minute catamaran at Horseshoe Bay or take an exciting 25-minutes flight. Prepare to enjoy the breathtaking beauty and tranquil environment drawn from arts since the ancient times. The region harbors old art galleries, studios and excellent museums that are rich with its aboriginal heritage. You’ll encounter a lifetime adventure, exploring the world’s most magnificent ecosystem comprising of rainforests, meadows, oceans, mountains, beaches, lakes and rivers making it a home for lots of wildlife species. Precisely, the precinct is one of the world’s premier stops to watch whales and birds, as well as trout and salmon fishing. It was rated ninth by the Travel & Leisure magazine in 2014 World’s Best Awards.

What to do in Vancouver Island, Canada?

Vancouver Island is a place best suited for outdoor pursuits. The various natural reserves flourish in wildlife abundance where salmon fishing, whale and bird watching are famous among the locals and visitors alike. You can embark on picnicking, hiking or camping especially in the rainforests and the famous West Coast Trail. Besides, you can have plenty of fun swimming and surfing on the long beach or take a scenic boat ride to the natural pools with hot springs. Spend your spare time touring museums, heritage sites, charming architecture, vineyards, art galleries, theaters and the exclusive luxury spas.

Best Time of Year to Go

Surprisingly, Vancouver Island is set to delight you at each of the four seasons. It primarily depends on how you yearn to spend your vacation. Based on climatic factors, spring is the perfect time to visit Vancouver Island. It’s the peak season for most exhilarating sports considering the gorgeous and warm weather.

However, summer is the most popular due to the numerous festivals that take place across the island throughout this season. It’s the most convenient time for travelers with a keen interest in wildlife and natural scenes. Further, the island records a surge in the number of tourists visiting the place because it’s the most significant tourist season globally triggering a hike in hotel and travel rates.

Winter invites travelers who love indoor activities or snowboarding and those who want to operate on a tight budget.

Autumn closes the year-end chapter. It’s the begging of an entertainment and celebratory season. As we approach December, you’ll be titillated by the panoramic light displays or choose to visit recreational centers, garden strolls, and the theater for live performances.