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Spectacular landscapes and unique wildlife. There’s nothing like Australia


In every part of Australia, you’ll find unique experiences to make your dream vacation come true. Australia is filled with fresh flavors, welcoming people and open spaces. Although a young nation, it has a rich history with the world’s oldest living culture and prehistoric nature. It is a land full of stunning natural wonders and some of the friendliest wildlife on the planet. Whether it’s the remoteness of the outback, the pristine waters of the beaches, the world-class dining or the amazing wildlife, it won’t take long for you to realize there’s nothing like Australia.

New Zealand

Fresh food and fine wine are essential ingredients in a New Zealand experience. New Zealand’s wine and food is amongst the best in the world. Taste is paramount. Talented and innovative chefs combine ingredients freshly harvested from garden, land and sea while Pacific influences, organics and indigenous foods create a unique experience – whether that’s fine dining or casual outdoor meals, cellar door tasting, mingling with the locals at farmers markets, or an authentic Maori experience.

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