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African Safari-Experience the Magic

From hand feeding giraffes, to adopting orphaned elephants, to taking breathtaking balloon safaris at dawn, Africa invites you to come experience an epic journey through a country filled with life-changing encounters.

Africa is an incredible destination in so many aspects - it is the kind of destination that will touch all of your senses in a myriad of ways, and once all is said and done you probably won't be the same again. The incredible diversity is a key attraction. From the deserts of the Kgalagadi, to the lush green forests of Tsitsikamma, to the unspoiled beaches of the Wild Coast and vibrant nightlife of Cape Town - an African vacation really does have it all.

Africa is mercurial in nature: one moment you'll be exploring the origins of ancient man, the next you're cage-diving with great white sharks and enjoying a traditional beer in a lively township in between. Africa really is a destination where you can experience it all and then some.

  • Nature in its Purest Form

  • Wildlife Only Africa can Support

  • Friendly, Welcoming Culture

  • Adventure alongside Peace & Tranquility

Let us show you the beauty that is Africa. Be it your first trip abroad or your hundredth, Africa is always special as will be your time spent there.

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