Discover the World Your Way: Personalized Journeys with Windy City Travel

At Windy City Travel, we believe every season is a reason to explore, and winter is no exception! It’s the season of wonder, of family gatherings, and yes, of spectacular getaways. Our passion is to craft those perfect moments, from the snowy peaks to the sun-kissed beaches, ensuring that from the first call to your journey home, we’re your companions in travel. Take, for instance, the heartwarming tale of a family reunion at the Royalton Splash Riviera Maya, a testament to our commitment to creating memories that last a lifetime. Over President’s Day Weekend, when one of our clients’ kids had a few days off of school, they said they wanted to pick a great resort where everybody could have fun. So, we sent them down to the Royalton Splash, Riviera Maya. One of our advisors got to work this morning after President’s Day  and had an email that said just simply, “Thank you, It’s truly a joy to have all of our family together having fun, and the arrangements you made are terrific.” And that’s what we try to do, right? We want to be there with our clients from beginning to end, but pick the perfect resort and the perfect place based on what people are looking to do.

But our expertise doesn’t end with family resorts. For the adventurers at heart, we’ve sent thrill-seekers to the icy realms of Churchill to marvel at the polar bears, in partnership with Natural Habitat Adventures. And for those who seek the extraordinary, the Icon of the Seas awaits with its record-breaking size and array of experiences, from its expansive water parks to the tranquil neighborhoods onboard.

Yet, what sets Windy City Travel apart is our dedication to personalized experiences. Be it the allure of an African safari, the tranquility of a Floridian beach, the charm of a European river cruise, or the awe-inspiring Northern Lights in New Zealand, we curate trips that resonate with your dreams and fit within your budget. Our recent ventures to New Zealand with a group of enthusiastic travelers underscore our commitment to not just arranging trips, but being part of your journey, fostering connections and experiences that enrich your life.

Moreover, we understand the unique draw of event-based travel, from the electric atmosphere of a Five Finger Death Punch concert in London to the global spectacle of the Olympics in Paris. Our remote team is adept at weaving these events into your travel tapestry, ensuring seamless experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

Intrigued? Dreaming of your next adventure? Windy City Travel is here to guide you through the maze of options to the perfect destination that awaits. Contact us here. Let’s embark on this journey together, crafting your next great adventure with the care, expertise, and personal touch you deserve.