Disney Vacation – Every kids dream

Disney Vacation

The Disney vacation is the dream of every little boy and girl.

If you are thinking about making their dreams come true, here are a few tips and tricks that you might want to consider.

Disney is a magnificent place, but can be overwhelming to plan. The Walt Disney World Resort is larger than the island of Manhattan and includes 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and more than 20 Disney resort hotels.

Staying at one of the 20 Disney Resorts might cost a little more than being out of the park, but it will allow you to have extra time in the parks. Each day, one of the Parks opens early and stays open later giving Disney Resort hotel guests more time to enjoy the attractions. This can be a big bonus and cut down on the actual days that you need to spend at the parks.

There is also complimentary transportation that connects Parks, resort hotels and other Disney areas. With a complex the size of Manhattan, this is important!

The most important suggestion I can offer is to make a plan. Decide what parks you want to visit, what shows or character breakfasts you want to attend and then schedule it out.

The Magic Kingdom is a must. You can get a map of the rides. Decide as a family which ones are your priority to ride, then make sure that you ride the most popular rides first thing in the morning and use fast passes. There is nothing worse than standing for hours in a line with hot, tired kids! Disney can be a blast….if you do your homework.

Lastly, Disney has a wonderful program for kids with disabilities and incurable diseases (type 1 diabetes included). Once in the park, go to City Hall and chat with the park officials, they will give you a special pass for your family that will allow you to go on all of the rides without waiting in one line. They want you to have a magical day at Disney. Way to go Disney!!

Remember, your kids are only little once!

Happy Travels