Dutch Waterways Cruises


Geographically, the Netherlands has one of the densest networks of inland waterways in the entire Europe. So it is not surprising that a few cruises have emerged in a bid to take full advantage of the more than 3730 miles of canals and rivers that crisscross the low-lying country. If anything, these canals whose flow is assisted the gentle lowland terrain flows even in the neighbouring Belgium after being fed by the Rhine from Germany, and emptying into the North Sea. By all bits and pieces, this sounds just like the perfect prevailing condition for an excellent river cruise that spans across various destinations.

Why It Stands Out From the Crowd

Dutch Waterways cruises maps and traces this amazing picturesque honeycomb of channels and tributaries that crisscrosses bright tulip fields, rows upon rows of wooden windmills and a gabled array of waterfront towns. In other words, by winding all the way from Amsterdam in the northern frontier to Belgium in the west and south, the Dutch Waterways unearths a beautiful panorama of vibrant bulb fields, medieval cities, and quaint villages, All of this being chock-full of culture, art, and history.

By definition alone, the Dutch Waterways is listed one of the best ways of experiencing the sluices, dams and, without forgetting, the gently-rolling geography of Holland. And by passing through ancient civilisations such as Antwerp and Ghent, the cruise line exposes the Dutch history that harks back as far as the 9th century. This was back when people resided on man-made hill-like structures known as ‘terps’ to protect themselves from occasional floods. From a broader perspective, if you are interested in seeing the entire stretch of the Danube, the Rhine and everything in between, then the Dutch Waterways is your best bet.

Contrary to what most people think, the Dutch Waterways cruises reveal that there is so much more to this world-famous cruise than just Amsterdam. It is the only cruise, for instance, that dares to venture to Northern Holland where lesser-known scenic treasures lie. A perfect example is the postcard-pretty landscape of Friesland complete with its pastures that are dotted with white and black cows. If not this, you will get a chance while aboard this cruise to see the traditional fishing hamlet of Makkum plus the immense and grandeur tulip fields near Alkmaar.