The El Dorado Maroma: The Perfect Adults-Only Beach Destination

The El Dorado Maroma: The Perfect Adults-Only Beach Destination

Just to show you how great the El Dorado Morama resort is; its beach was happily named by the Travel Channel as one of the top ten beaches in the world. Guests who have been here will also tell you that the shore lines will seduce you, and the environment will make you fall in love with the world and your partner all over again.

The resort is ideally and intimately scaled, which means that guests are never more than a short stroll away from the beach, spa, pools, and a wide rand of high-end bars and world-class restaurants, including a well-known pop-up fish market that is set every Thursday featuring a host of seafood that is actually caught on the very same day.

The El Dorado Maroma; Adults only resort also has private thatched-roof bungalows where guests can enjoy a soothing Sky Massage as they take in the sweet-sounding and flowing movement of the ocean. In addition, you will also discover that the staff at this resort has an uncanny ability, or rather skill, to accommodate all of your needs, even before you say them out loud.

From the moment you arrive at the El Dorado Maroma resort, you will see that it is no ordinary place. Voted by a wide range of travel magazines as one the best beach destinations in the world, it has evolved to become one of the most breath-taking adults-only getaway spots in the region. All these is rather hard to deny when you consider the fact that it is situated in one the most exquisite stretches of beaches in the Rivera Maya, giving it a natural beauty that is almost next to none. Also, remember that this is just one aspect of this remarkable place.

When it comes to cuisine, guests of the resort can expect to have the adventure of their life, since you will be able to fulfill your delicacy every desire. With six restaurants to boast of, guest can literally find every type of dish and special drink that would make their mouths watery. Also, the service and various amenities are second-to-none.

When it comes to accommodations, the El Dorado Maroma: Adults only has 157 exquisite suits, villas, and studios that offer guest with the highest levels of service and class. There are also the new Palafitos-Overwater Bungalows that are basically the first bungalow suites situated in Mexico that provide guests with a view of the turquoise Caribbean that is directly beneath one’s feet.