A Family Holiday in Toronto

Toronto Skyline
Toronto Skyline

If you want to have a family tourist experience, head to Toronto this coming summer. The Ontario capital is home to many artistic, technological, cultural and social sites. As your children have fun during their holidays, let them learn pieces of Canada’s history. The following are interesting family attractions in Toronto:

  1. CN Tower – The CN Tower is not only a popular figure in Toronto, but also in the entire Canada. Its stands at 553 meters above the ground and is majestic during the night, thanks to its dazzling lights. It was built in 1972-1976 and was then the world’s tallest freestanding structure. You can see it from many points in the city. See the tower from its downtown location and view the city from several observation points on it. On clear days, you can see the Ney York State, Niagara Falls and other attractions from the tower’s Sky Pod, some 447 meters above the ground.
  2. Royal Ontario Museum – It is usually referred to as ROM and is one of Canada’s oldest museums with numerous collections of medieval exhibitions. It has a great variety of artistic pieces from across the world. More recently, the museum benefitted from an expansion, which features modern pointed glass angels.
  3. Rogers Center – Beside the CN Tower is an interesting attraction site for family tourism-the Rogers Center. This is a domed sports stadium with a retractable roof. The management opens the roof in summer for spectators to enjoy rays of sunlight. Enjoy the majestic views from inside that include thousands of sports enthusiasts. Having been constructed in 1989, it was the equivalent of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. As it is today it is the venue of virtually any sport, you can catch your favorite games when you visit with family. In addition, it hosts various rock and pop performances all year round.
  4. Art Gallery of Ontario – The west side of the city is home to the Art Gallery of Ontario. Usually referred to as the AGO, it is a modern building that hosts artistic collections from all corners of the world-Europe, America, Oceania, Asia and Africa. There are also numerous paintings by Canadian artists.
  5. Toronto Zoo – Let your family see a number of wild animals at the huge Toronto Zoo adjacent to the Red River. For many years, it has kept several thousand animals, notably the panda, an exhibit that began in 2013. There are several sections of the zoo, with the North American section being home of the bear. You will also enjoy the African Savanna and Great Barrier Reef sections. While in Toronto, do not forget to visit several aquatic centers, parks, markets and shopping malls.
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