Experience Romance on a Spa Vacation in Bali

Karma Spa

Balinese Spas – The Haven of Royal Treatment Massages.

Whether it is a quick rub down or a romantic and soul-soothing massage, Bali’s finest spas might be the nearest anyone could come to a heaven-on-earth-experience. But that’s not all. It’s only in Bali that indulgent and adventurous tourists can work around a full-day itinerary that revolves around day spas and floating in baths littered with flower petals in massage parlors.

Before you dismiss Bali as being a cliché spa-treatment destination, you might want to check out the vast array of upmarket hotels that often open their doors to the general public for all manner of spa treatments. While at it, be sure to dabble a bit with traditional Balinese treatments Рthey never disappoint.

That said, here are some of our top picks of Balinese spa centers that are optimized for that couple that shares a blossoming relationship and would want to rekindle and strengthen it.

  1. Karma Spa – Located above the Indian Ocean, Karma Spa is one of the few spas in Bali that offer postcard-perfect views of the expansive sea beneath it. Otherwise, it consists of rustic-luxe, sublime huts bordering an infra-red detoxifying sauna. All these are set seductively on top of a limestone cliff. A team of reputable, anatomy-trained bodyworkers grace the facility and are well-known for their therapeutical massages and celebrity-style oxygen facials.
  2. The Spa at Sentosa – The Spa Sentosa is different from other resorts from the way it embraces the entire full spectrum of wellness. The menu here consists of a deep, rejuvenating and healing massages complemented by a Vitamin IV infusion shot. What’s a better way of healing?
  3. Alila Soori – Architecturally speaking, the Alila Soori is arguably one of the most attractive and sexy-looking spas on this Indian Ocean Island. Being a modernist sanctuary made from a local volcanic stone, the spa prides itself for its heated terrazzo beds, artificial rain showers and sunken baths. As it is the norm on this island, the distinct Asian massage therapies are delivered by a team of highly intuitive and trained therapists in a romantically-themed, dim-lit sultry treatment rooms.
  4. Mandara Spa – The spa at Mandara is built on the principle of perpetuating the wisdom and spa-treatment traditions of Balinese healing massages. And it is not to be forgotten that the Mandara Spa experience circles a generous selection of frangipani body glows and quartz facial lifts.

So if you’re looking for a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime romantic getaway that will not only rejuvenate you physically but also spiritually and mentally, then spas in Bali are your best shot.

Alila Soori
The Spa at Sentosa
Mandara Spa