Family Experiences with Un-Cruise Adventures

Family Experiences with Un-Cruise Adventures

Un-Cruise was conceived as the antithesis to the ordinary cruise. It specializes in small vessel excursions catering to groups of between 22 and 88 adventurers ready to get their feet wet and to have their minds blown. This unique travel company operates a fleet of nine vessels that allow it to showcase the wonders of the land, the sea and the air all along the Pacific coast from Alaska to the Galapagos. No more staring at sights hundreds of meters from shore, no more straining to catch a glimpse of what lies in the water far below the deck – on an Un-Cruise Adventure, you are given the privilege of transforming yourself from a mere spectator to an active participant.

For families, it is an excellent opportunity to mix adventure, fun and education in one neat package. Everyone who participates is left with lifelong memories that are simply not possible with an ordinary cruise. There is no rigid itinerary – the vessels moor at sites which boast the most breathtaking views and offer the best chances of seeing – and interacting with – the native wildlife. If a wonderful opportunity to see nature up-close presents itself at an unplanned point, Un-Cruise simply stops and gives you the best seat in the house.

Un-Cruise vessels have paddle boards, canoes and other small watercraft on board. The specially trained and certified crew members will escort anyone interested in a closer look to the scene of the action. While Un-Cruise does not cater to children under the age of eight, there is no upper limit on the age of participants. Activities are planned so as to be as inclusive as possible and vacationers are free to indulge or to just watch. Treasure hunts in tide pools, paddle board races and ‘burro’ rides are just a small cross-section of the activities you can look forward to.

Un-Cruise has developed strong working relationships with the local populations of the areas where they operate, and they work closely with government agencies that maintain the respective areas. As a result, Un-Cruise cruises often feature planned and/or impromptu visits by individuals and groups who are able to give everyone on board an intimate insight into the region.

Over the years, UN-Cruise vacationers have had more authentic experiences with indigenous people, fauna and flora than other cruises put together. If you are looking for a unique and meaningful way to bond as a family in a clean, pure and invigorating environment, UN-Cruise is the answer.