Family Vacations to the Dominican Republic

Family Vacations to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean country that occupies the eastern 2/3 rds of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. Just about 2 hours south of Miami, this amazing country has earned its’ reputation as a fantastic family friendly destination thanks to its’ wide variety of amazing family friendly accommodations, attractions, lush tropical landscapes and beautiful beaches. Whether you want a relaxing Caribbean family getaway, or you are looking for an ecotourist family vacation, the Dominican Republic is the ideal destination; it’s actually one of the most interesting and attractive destinations for families.

There are numerous family friendly activities available in the Dominican Republic beyond its’ beautiful beaches. For the families that want to see wildlife, Dominican Republic is the ideal destination for humpback whale watching; there are cruises available which can take your family to check out the whales. Moreover, the jungles are teeming with monkeys, powerful waterfalls, and impressively shaped mountains. The mountainous terrain actually offers exciting and challenging hiking opportunities for the active families. This beautiful country is also a fascinating destination for the environmentally minded families with about a 1/4 of the land designated as scientific reserves and national parks; your family will most certainly be mesmerized by the wide variety of flora and fauna, indigenous lakes and mountains in this great country.

Things To Do

  • Water Sports – Dominican Republic has about 1,000 miles of white sand coastline with great climatic conditions and ideal winds for different kinds of water sports including; windsurfing, surfing, kite boarding and boogie boarding. The Cabarete Kite beach is especially ideal for families, and you can rent equipment and even take lessons for surfing along with other water sports. If your family is the really adventurous type, you can go white water rafting on Yaque del Norte river; this is a really great option and it’ll urge every member of the family to work together as one team.
  • Swimming with Dolphins – Your kids will certainly have a truly unforgettable experience in the Dominican Republic if you take them swimming with the dolphins. One of the most family friendly attractions where your family can get close to these wonderful sea creatures is the Dolphin Island Park. This beautiful lagoon is home to lots of dolphins and your family will really enjoy their time here. One of the more popular activities at the Dolphin Island Park is visiting the dolphin encounter pool, where kids can get real close to these playful, beautiful and charming sea animals.
  • Horse Riding – If your family likes riding horses or wants to learn how to ride horses, the Dominican Republic is the ideal place to do it with numerous private companies and resorts offering tours and classes. Horse riding is normally combined with amazing cultural tours where tourists get to explore the local villages, local plantations, and also the well preserved colonial architecture.
  • Explore ChocoMuseo – Chocolate production is one of the main industries in the Dominican Republic. The chocolate museum is the ideal place for your family to learn about the culture and history of chocolates. The museum’s exhibits give a detailed look at the history of cultivation of the cacao beans and how chocolate gets produced from cacao beans. There’s also a chocolate making workshop, therefore you and your family will get the opportunity to taste different types of chocolate products.

Best Time of Year To Visit the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic enjoys fantastic weather between the months of December and April; this is the ideal time for you and your family to visit this beautiful country.