Golf Getaway in Lanai

The Challenge at Manele
The Challenge at Manele

Golfing is undoubted one of the few pleasurable activities to do while on vacation. And Lanai, Hawaii, being a top holiday destination capitalizes immensely on this. It might not be home to the best world class golfing resorts but it is only in Lanai where you can find your sweet spot even without taking a swing. The Pacific tropical island boasts of two unique golf resorts that have time and again being prestigiously labelled to be some the best on this side of the hemisphere. This includes;

  1. The Koele Golf Course – The Koele Golf Course is a reputable 18-hole championship and Olympic size golf course that carries the design of the legendary craftsmanship of designers Greg Norman and Ted Robinson. And situated at Lanai’s epic 2000-foot altitude, the Koele takes maximum advantage of the Hawaiian subtropical climate and rolling green hills. Even though this course might be relatively short at just under 6200 yards, the slow course winds and tropical glutches compensates excellently for this. In addition to this, each and every hole here is graced with attractive, eye-catching vistas ranging from the mountain ravines to the distant incredible Pacific Ocean view of the adjacent Molokai and Maui Islands just across the channel. As a bonus to avid golfers, this dramatic and excellent golf course is shrouded by a beautiful array of soaring eucalyptus and pine trees. Located at the Four Seasons Lana’i, The Lodge at Koele.
  2. Manele Golf Course – At the southern-most tip of Lanai Island, lies Jack Nicklaus most famous masterpieces – the Manele Golf Course. The glamorous, unique styled golf course boast of three holes on one the seaside cliffs east of Hulopoe Bay and above dozens of acres of natural lava flow outcroppings. This out-of-the-ordinary backdrop is further complemented by plunging ravines, towering tree and native Kiawe. What’s more, each hole here has five tee-off locations implying that you will have enough point of views of enjoying Jack Nicklaus’ celebrated and crowned prowess in golf design. Aside from being an entire golfing course, the Manele also doubles up as an excellent sight-seeing spot. For instance, while a top the cliffs on neighboring the Hulopoe Bay, you can catch a glimpse of the panoramic Pacific Ocean view shimmering all the way to Far East Asia.

These two contrasting courses in the heart of Lanai only go to show the creative diversity that this paradisal island offers. Both courses (the Manele and Koele) though different in their own ways are globally acclaimed by travel guides and publications all over the world.

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