Golfing in Ireland


Going on a vacation is strongly advised if you want to get away from the daily working routine. It is the time you get to relax and enjoy with alone or with family members. Golf is one of the sports you can play while on vacation. It is a simple and interesting sport which you can learn to play in a matter of minutes. What endears it to many holidaymakers is the fact that you don’t strain while playing. The problem however arises when choosing the right golf course. Your golfing vacation will be awesome if you choose some of the golf courses in Ireland.

Ireland is actually one of the top destinations for golfing tourists. This could be attributed to the country’s long history with the sport. I’ll mention some of the golf courses here.

  • In Offaly, there’s an 18-hole course known as Esker Hills Golf Club. The young trees, gravel and sand landforms give it a natural look. The course has four lakes in it.
  • Portmarnock Golf Course is located on the outskirts of Dublin City. This course is among the most famous in the world considering it has hosted championships like the Irish Cup and the Walker Cup. If you love playing competitive golf this is your place.
  • Waterville Golf Links located in County Kerry provides a scenic view of the hills as well as the Atlantic Ocean. It is situated in the Ring of Kerry, with the natural walls shielding plays from winds which are common when it’s the golf-playing season.
  • Royal County Down in Newcastle is one of the courses where the climate is a bit drier than other areas. Several renowned golfers among them Tiger Woods have used it as a training ground. It also hosts championships.
  • If you want to play golf in a challenging course then try visiting Ballybunion Golf Club in Kerry County. The grassy dunes with holes make it challenging to get balls in.
  • County Louth Golf Club has been described as one of the best golf course in the world. The area is naturally beautiful and has also hosted many events, both local and global.
  • Tralee Golf Club is another addition to the awesome golf course in Ireland. It is designed in such a way that each hole provides a scenic view of the surroundings.

These great golf courses and many others make Ireland one of the top destinations for golfers. The best time to visit when the weather is good, with little rain is from May to mid October. The weather is usually unpredictable considering that in some years April has also occasionally been the ideal time to visit Ireland.