Group Travel: Adult Groups


The screams of little kids and the boisterous shenanigans of teenagers are not what most adults sign up for when they go on holiday. Yet, the average vacation destination, from the hotel to the beach to the popular tourist attractions, can seem to be inundated with exactly the kind of noise and distractions you wanted to get away from in the first place.

Whether you are a long-married couple with a brood of your own looking for some quality alone time, or a young single looking for similar individuals for a vacation friendship (or more), an adults only vacation may be the ideal getaway.

Many hotel chains have recognized the popularity of this growing niche and have created adults only resorts to cater to the demand. Others have dedicated adults only areas, including restaurants, swimming pools and entertainment facilities. The advantage for the adult traveler is that these facilities make it easier to meet people of a similar age and with similar interests, and to relax, unwind and be yourself.

Perhaps it won’t come as a surprise to discover that the majority of adults-only hotels are located on the beach. The sun, surf and sea promise a lot more when there are no young ‘uns to watch out for. Spain, Cyprus and Greece host legendary adults only events, and some resorts in the Caribbean and South America are catching up, too.

It is common for many such hotels to organize adults only activities both within hotel premises and with excursions outside. Depending on the nature of the program, you can indulge in some high-adrenaline outdoor activities or let your hair down and party like never before in a safe environment.

Another increasingly popular adults only vacation option is a cruise. There is no doubt that the regular cruise is immensely popular with families. However, an adult traveler on such a cruise has to contend with hyperactive kids on a candy rush, not to mention the messes they go on to cause.

Most cruises do have dedicated adults-only areas but that just means that you have to share the limited space of the ship and the entertainment spots. An adults-only cruise means there are no such restrictions from bow to stern, starboard to port.

Of course, adults only holidays can pose minor problems, too.

One of the most common is that a small percentage of other vacationers may be under the impression that everyone else is there for a holiday fling when you just want some alone holiday time. Just be firm in your ‘no’ and don’t relent.

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