Group Travel for Church or Religious Groups

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A church or religious tour is an excellent opportunity to delve into your own faith and to understand the journeys of others that has led them to the same path upon which you travel shoulder to shoulder today. The perspective gained from the close interaction – even if it is just silence – with your group as you explore physical centers of religious significance that mean so much to so many is an opportunity to cement your faith and recognize the manifestation of a higher power in all our lives.

There are two main types of religious tours – ones that are denomination based and those that are destination-focused. There is considerable overlap between the two as tours catering to a particular denomination may organize a visit to a particular region or country.

Denomination based tours are geared to the needs of adherents of a particular interpretation of religious scripture. They focus primarily on churches, seminaries and other religious institutions that are of the same denomination, as well as sites that are regarded as being of significance to a wide swathe of believers of other denominations. Sites in the Holy land of Israel are a prime example of the latter.

Destination-focused religious tours may be the mainstay of tourism in areas which feature prominently in religious scriptures. The land of Israel, which has borne witness to the most significant events of both Christianity and Judaism, is a prime example; millions of visitors annually make a pilgrimage there to the age-old sites whose names even children are familiar with.

Religious tours are an important way to contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of the monuments of faith that have been the bedrock of belief of countless people like and unlike you over periods spanning millennia, and the propagation of faith where it is under overt or covert attack in these times of uncertainty. Patronage by religious tours can be the difference between their continued existence as beacons of faith for generations yet to come and a gradual decline into obscurity.

As part of a religious tour, you will have the benefit of having a multi-faceted vacation that combines the exotic locales and varied cuisine with a meaningful experience that will leave lifelong memories.

Take a religious tour – walk in the footsteps of saints, apostles and the early propagators of the faith whose dedication to their beliefs, sometimes under intense persecution, has been reaffirmed by its manifestation in the form of the faith in your own heart today .