Group Travel: Fundraising Groups

Group Travel Fundraising Groups

If you are part of a nonprofit or similar organization, you understand how difficult it can be to meet your funding targets. Fetes, carnivals and other commonly popular fundraising activities require an extremely large investment of time and planning, but sometimes with disproportionately low returns.

A new way of raising funds that is proving popular with nonprofit organizations is fundraising group travel. You can now give your sponsors a unique experience while getting to know them better. It is a great way to attract some fantastic publicity along the way – imagine posting flyers advertising your cruise getaway instead of the annual funfair.

Fundraising groups work because people are eager for a chance to travel across the country or see the world, and will be delighted to be able to simultaneously fulfill their wanderlust and and moral obligations.

One of the biggest draws of fundraising group travel is that it presents an opportunity to visit places that relate to your organization and its efforts. The benefits are twofold. Firstly, your sponsors can see for themselves and better understand how and why your cause means so much. Secondly, it may be the perfect opportunity to get new people on board with your cause. Your group may consist of both your sponsors and those who might not at the time be entirely convinced to donate. Showing the latter first-hand the importance and significance of your organization’s efforts may be easiest way of winning them over.

The trip does not necessarily have to be related to your fundraising, though. Cruises are an evergreen favorite of vacationers and it is quite common for organizers to shortlist some options and then allow the group to come to a final decision. Because potential participants are members and thus share the same interests, it is not as difficult to reach a consensus.

Unlike other methods of fundraising, travel allows the organizers to sit back, participate and interact with members instead of being caught up in administration and delivery of services. This helps you develop stronger personal bonds with your patrons.

Several tour companies and cruise line operators have special packages that offer charitable organizations discounted travel and free travel for organizing members of the group. Some companies even contribute to your organization directly. Both these incentives are usually calculated on the basis of the total number of participants.

Please note that most companies based in the U.S. will require that your nonprofit organizations carry a tax-exempt status of 501c(3) or 501c(6) when assessing your eligibility for these features.