Group Travel: Wine Enthusiasts

Group Travel: Wine Enthusiasts

The best travel experiences are those that bring together people from all walks of life and bind them with a common thread. The beauty of that experience is the soul of group travel.

The explosion in wine production and consumption across the world has created a huge market of wine enthusiasts willing to travel for the most authentic wine-related activities. (Ok, yes, wine enthusiasts’ group travels are also a great excuse for getting just a little bit tipsy every day). There are some timeless wine destinations, vineyards and regions that have become synonymous with the intoxicating nectar of the gods.

France, Italy and Spain feature prominently and heavily in any respected compilation of the planets best wine regions together they account for almost half of the worlds wine output. The best wine appreciation travel destinations in France would be Bordeaux, Alsace, Burgundy and Champagne. In Italy, Veneto, Tuscany, Piedmont, Lombardy and Umbria are both the most prolific wine producers and create arguably the most regarded vintages. Catalonia, Malaga, Rioja and Ribera del Duero are the ideal places to visit if you are a wine lover traveling Spain.

Australia is the wine stalwart of the south, and its Barossa Valley, Margaret River, Hunter Valley and Yarra Valley produce some internationally-renowned varieties.

The influence of the Spanish and other European nations and the monasteries where the first South American wines were made – has resulted in massive wine production on the continent, and some of the fastest-growing areas for the international industry. The two giants of the continent are Argentina and Chile. Argentina’s largest wine-producing region is Mendoza while Patagonia is a relative newcomer making its mark, both worth a visit. The Chilean valleys of Maule, Maipo and Colchagua are best positioned for wine appreciation due to their proximity to the capital, Santiago; regions like Santa Cruz further away are also worth a visit.

Today, there are vineyards in many countries that have not been traditionally known for producing wine. They are inspired by an increasingly sophisticated market which recognizes pedigree but also appreciates new oenological adventures. The United States, Canada and South Africa offer an ever-increasing variety of wines that are consistently deeper in character and richer in taste. No true wine aficionado could completely ignore this trio.

Just a gentle reminder that will let you enjoy your trip and have the best wine-centric holiday possible join an organised tour or get a designated driver for this wonderful adventure of delicious discovery.