How To Rent A Car In Mexico

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How To Rent A Car In Mexico

Exploring Mexico by car is an exciting way to take in the local sights and culture. Roads, for the most part, are well-maintained with ample signage indicating speed limits and directions, although driving at night is not recommended. Fortunately, the process of renting a car is very similar to that in the rest of North America and needn’t be a daunting task. One thing to know before you rent, however, is that public liability insurance in Mexico is mandatory, and your local insurance policy won’t cover it.

In addition to local car rental companies, most major international rental agencies have offices throughout Mexico and offer a wide variety of vehicle models and sizes to suit your needs. Many agencies even offer jeep rentals, which is an excellent way to explore the countryside.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll need and what you’ll need to know in order to rent a car in Mexico.

  • A valid driver’s license. If you’re a resident of the United States or Canada, you won’t need an international driver’s license – your state or provincial one will be accepted. Residents of other countries may need additional documentation so it’s best to check before you leave.
  • A major credit card. Similar to the rest of North America, you’ll need a major credit card in your name to rent a car in Mexico. While most agencies will allow you to pay with cash, you’ll still need to provide a major credit card as a deposit at time of rental.
  • Insurance. This is where things get a little tricky. Regardless of whether or not the rental claims that all insurance is included, the agency will charge you for personal liability insurance, which can be as high as $20 per day and is mandatory under Mexican law. Additional insurance such as Personal Accident Insurance, Collision Damage and Loss Damage will also be offered but are not considered mandatory and you may already be covered for these either on your personal vehicle policy or on your credit card. Know before you rent what you are covered for already, and if these coverages apply to Mexico. Finally, renters under 25 can expect to pay a premium, just as with the rest of North America.
  • Know where to rent. Airport locations traditionally charge a 10% premium on rentals, so off-airport locations may be less expensive. As always, booking in advance and comparing rates is the best way to get the best deal possible.

There’s no better way to experience the local flavor of Mexico than by renting a car and driving around. Armed with these tips, you’ll find it an enjoyable and rewarding way to see the best of what Mexico has to offer. So get behind the wheel and explore!