Interesting Adventure activities in the Galapagos

Galapagos, Ecuador

If you are looking for adventure experience, the Galapagos Islands are perhaps the best tourist destination here. With numerous things to do and see, you will be spoilt for choice. The archipelago consist of 18 islands, with only four of these inhabited by humans- Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Isabela and Floreana.

The following are some of the places and things to look out for if you happen to head there for adventure:

  1. Bella Vista’s Lava Tunnels – The Village of Bella Vista, some 7 km from main town Puerto Ayora is home to the unique lava tunnels. You will descend into the caves through a staircase and lose sight of natural sunlight. There is still limited visibility even when you have strong lights.  While the ceilings are high on large portions of the tunnels, you will have to crawl on your knees and hands to access certain portions. Have some sturdy shoes to protect your feet and a raincoat, as water may seep from the ceiling.
  2. San Cristobal Interpretation Center  You need to pay a visit to the museum, especially on your maiden visit to the island. The center gives detailed explanation of the geological, historical and human activities on the islands. You will understand the area’s rare native species, volcanic history and unique climate. There is no admission fee to the center and it is open to people at all times of the year. From the center is an adventure trail to a spot for bird watchers-the Frigate Bird Hill. While here, see the frigates and hear their swishing sounds as they fly overhead.
  3. Diving and Snorkeling – As Ecuador’s weather is warm during the better part of the year, you can engage in a number of water sports any time. Take the diving plunge and marvel at the numerous aquatic creatures that call the turquoise waters home. These include sea horses, sea turtles, sea lions, tropical fish and colored aquatic animals.
  4. Tortuga Bay – This is a long and flat beach terrain overlooking the adjacent sea. You can take this free activity at your own pace. This is especially exciting when you travel with family, friends or colleagues. Activities here include snorkeling, surfing, swimming, diving and other water sports.
  5. Sierra Negra Volcano – Standing nearly 4,500 feet above the ground is a volcano whose huge crater has a 6-mile diameter. It is the world’s second largest. While it has not reported volcanic activity since 2005, seismic experts are still very watchful.
  6. El Chato Tortoise Reserve – Your trip to the Galapagos Islands cannot be complete without seeing giant tortoises at the El Chato conservancy. This is one of few places in the world to witness giant tortoises in their natural habitat. Evidently, there is no shortage of adventure at the Ecuadorian islands.