LGBT Getaways: Puerto Rico

LGBT Getaways: Puerto Rico

For gay couples looking for a Caribbean getaway, you could not make a better choice than Puerto Rico. This unincorporated U.S. territory is a wonderful island of mountains, valleys, waterfalls and rainforest that exhibits just as beautiful an attitude towards gay residents and visitors. As it is around the world, you will find that there is generally a better gay experience in the cities than you my have in less developed areas. T

he capital, San Juan, Vieques and Culebra are undeniably the hotspots for gay living and partying. Other smaller cities worth a visit for a fun travel adventure as a gay single or couple are Rincon, Ponce and Mayaguez. The general rule is that you will have a better vacation the closer you are to the water and might have to adopt a less open attitude the further inland you move. But with Puerto Rico’s wonderful beach scene and the fact that most of the cities lie on the shoreline, that is hardly ever a problem.

As of 2015, gay marriage is legal on the island. Same-sex couples are entitled to the same rights as traditional couples in adoption and foster home placements. They are also able to apply for the same social benefits that are available to other couples. The age of consent for individuals who identify as LGBTQ is the same as that for those who are heterosexual. However, men who identify as homosexual or bisexual still have to abide by a 1-year deferral before donating blood.

As a vacation destination, Puerto Rico might be tiny one but there are a whole lot of adventures to have in some of the most beautiful settings. Note that some of them, like the exquisite snorkeling spot, Playa Carlos Rosario are actually off the coast. The beach is almost completely enclosed by a barrier reef, making for some of the most calm and accessible snorkeling escapade you can have in the ocean anywhere. The El Yunque Nation Forest has pride of place as the U.S. National Forest System’s sole rainforest. With almost 25 miles of tracks criss-crossing the lush vegetation, and going past waterfalls and serene rivers, it makes for the perfect setting for vacation photos.

For an educational shot in the arm, the Museum of the Americas (Museo de las Americas) has four permanent exhibits. It tracks the cultural development in the region and showcases the influences of indigenous, European and African ways of life.Drinking and partying are best experienced in the cities but you can also take a tour of a coffee plantation to see the journey a bean takes from the plant to your cup. The plantation is located just west of Jayuya.