LGBT Getaways in Sydney

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

Many have to come regard the fabulous Australian city of Sydney as the gay capital of the world. Titles aside, this metropolitan getaway is extremely LGBT friendly even if you disregard the massive Sydney Mardi Gras held on the first Saturday of every March.

Although the entire city is largely extremely LGBT friendly, the center of Sydney’s LGBT scene is arguably Darlinghurst. This hip and happening suburb is right next to the CBD and is packed with trendy cafes and restaurants ideal for taking a break while you watch beautiful Sydney go by.

Sydney is a party town like no other. Literally minutes away from Darlinghurst, on Oxford Street and adjacent to George Street, is Taylor Square. This is where some of Sydney’s most exciting and innovative gay-friendly bars and clubs are located. Both here and at Darlinghurst, you can find all the free pamphlets, newsletters and maps to keep you up to date with what is happening on the gay Sydney scene and where.

Within a short walk are dozens of art galleries, studios and artists’ workshops that will let you get up close and intimate with the vibrant local art community. The Museum of Contemporary Art, the Art Gallery of NSW (New South Wales) and the Powerhouse Museum which anchor the established art and discovery scene are just around the corner.

Sydney holds an annual Film Festival and also a Writers’ Festival. Over 300 individual productions of diverse genres make their debut at the former, and the latter – held in the middle of May – is attended by audiences that number over 100,000.

Perhaps no sight is as representative of Sydney as the iconic Opera House. Designed to represent the sails of a ship, the Opera House is arguably the premier venue in all of Australia for distinguished performances from around the world. It,too, is just a short distance from the city center.

Another icon of the Sydney landscape is the Harbour Bridge and, juxtaposed with the nearby Opera House, it forms one of the most recognizable vistas in the entire world. This is where international New Year’s celebrations are triggered with a fireworks display, the perfectly romantic scene and time to share a kiss.

What would Sydney be without its beach scene? Well, still fantastic, but the beaches are a treasured part of Aussie life and Sydney offers some of the best and most well-maintained seashores anywhere. There are also a number of quiet coves which, officially or otherwise, have become nude beaches. Strip and frolic away!

Sydney is perfect for any type of getaway and the LGBT scene just makes it even better.