LGBT Hawaii – Classic, Progressive Vacations!

Lesiban couple standing on a beach

Truth be told, there are very few progressive, LGBT-friendly vacations spots in a world that is widely considered as being stereotypically conservative. Hawaii, and more specifically Honolulu, is one of those few places. According to social experts, this has been mainly influenced by the fact that since 2013, same-sex marriages have been legal in Hawaii. And, as expected, this has opened up a haven for partners who want to escape their everyday life.

That said, there are a couple of excellent progressive hotels and resorts in Hawaii that even have packages tailor-made for LGBT couples.

Where To Stay

  • Hotel Renew: Oahu’s First Designer Boutique Hotel-Located Just Steps from Waikiki Beach and World-Class Shopping and Dining. Ask about our LGBT Honeymoon Package.
  • Sheraton Waikiki: Of all Waikiki Beach hotels, one towers above the rest… the Sheraton Waikiki is a modern monument to traditional Hawaiian hospitality. This Oahu hotel is perfect for families seeking Hawaii activities, couples in search of romance, or weary travelers seeking a rejuvenating escape. The Sheraton Waikiki is your gateway to Hawaii’s favorite playground, Waikiki Beach. 2014 Philadelphia Gay News Hotel Property of the Year

LGBT Nightlife

  • Honolulu and Oahu are arguably one of the few places today where you can find a nightlife geared specifically towards same-sex interactions.
  • For instance, it is the norm for LGBT revelers to throng most of Honolulu’s clubs and bars such as Fusion, Bachus, Hula, Ajax and In Between without any fear of discrimination or disrespect.
  • There’s always a popular weekly LGBT party at the Kailua-Kona Mask-Querade bar and lounge where same-sex revelers can interact, intermingle and make new friends/partners.

LGBT-friendly Beaches

  • Oahu and Hawaiian LGBT spots are simply unparalleled. Not only are they full of party and fun-loving people, but are also tolerable to same-sex interactions. In fact, beaches such as Queen turf and Diamond Head Lighthouse Beach draw a blend of both straight, bi and gay visitors from all over Hawaii and mainland America.

See you there as you have fun!