New Zealand: Adventure Experience

Canyon Gorge Valley New Zealand

New Zealand is a country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, and consists of two main islands, which are marked by glaciation and volcanos. The New Zealand’s people (also known as “Kiwis”), are renowned for their accepting and welcoming nature. New Zealand offers lots of adventure experiences which are as varied as its’ landscape. Whether on land, under ground, in the sea or the sky above, New Zealand offers it all. It’s renowned for having a thrilling, and exciting outdoor adventure lifestyle. When you combine the adventurous outlook of New Zealand, with the stunning backdrop it has, you will get to understand why most adventurous travelers rate New Zealand as the adventure capital of the world. This is also one of the reasons why some of the top filmmakers in the world travel to New Zealand for the stunning backdrops. For instance, many parts of The Hobbit were shot in New Zealand.

As aforementioned, New Zealand is said to be the natural playground for all adventure seekers. Some of New Zealand’s adventure activities include;

  • Bungee jumping; You can take the leap of faith on a bungee at Kawarau Bungy site. You can also opt to go bungee jumping from the top point of the Nevis, or even try a different style on Auckland Harbor Bridge.
  • Water rafting; You can venture out into the mysterious unknown on black water rafting expeditions through the Waitomo myriad limestone caves which are underneath the twinkling bright lights of glowworms.
  • Hiking; The activity we know as hiking, is called tramping in New Zealand, and it’s one of the most popular activities for both visitors and locals. New Zealand has many national parks and various other forested areas. You can go hiking in any of New Zealand’s national parks
  • Jet boating; Get to feel the power of the great waters as you jet boat the spectacular New Zealand rivers which are close to Lake Taupo’s thundering Huka Falls. You can also try to go for spins on the shotover River rapids.

Some of the other adventure activities in New Zealand include;

  • Aerial sightseeing
  • Birdwatching
  • Hot-air ballooning
  • Jet skiing
  • Rock climbing, among others.

New Zealand is a truly unique, friendly, and photogenic country, offering adventure seekers unbeatable opportunities for adventure and great exploration. New Zealand is the place where traditional culture mixes with modernity, charming people and a vast untouched wilderness. This pristine and heavenly island has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for adrenaline pumping adventures, or relaxed outdoor adventures, there is an activity to suit everyone’s culture, tastes, and age. In addition to this, New Zealand is absolutely fantastic to visit all year round.