Panama: The Next Big Golfing Destination

Panama: The Next Big Golfing Destination

By any chance are you looking for the next big golfing destination? One that not only offers you the right settings to play your favorite sport, but also comes with some of the most breathtaking landscapes, ocean views, and the unique tranquility of the rain forest? If so, then Panama should be the next golfing destination on your list.

Even though Panama might be quite small in size, it spares very little when it comes to style and class. Located on the lower end of the continental divide that sets apart North and South America, this country’s topography is now being used to create stylish, parkland, and mountain courses.

Another good thing that a golfer may look forward to when visiting Panama is the fact that it is easy for one to get around, and with almost 13 exceptional and unique golfing courses available, you can rest assured that you will find more than one that will be sure to give you a challenge or appeal to your own style of play.

According to a significant number of golf travelers and writers, together with numerous tour operators from all across North America, visiting or playing eight of Panama’s championship 18-hole golf courses is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Today, Panama is considered to be one of the top golfing destinations in the world. As mentioned earlier, despite its size, this country’s cities, beaches, and mountain golf courses have so much to offer to all kinds of players. It is also home to a newly built golf course that is seen by some as being the best in Latin America.

Another good thing about golfing in Panama is that you can do it all year round since it is practically summer each and every day in the country. Guests can also take a peek at some of the country’s other attractions if they need something to keep them occupied and entertained in-between their games.

With roughly 5 championship golf courses to boast of, 320 beautiful days of sunshine each year, and an average temperature of around 74 degrees, it comes as no surprise why Golf Digest were kind enough to name Panama city as one of the best Latin America golfing regions.

With rather affordable green fees and tee times that are available all year round, golf lovers who choose to visit Panama will quickly find out upon their rival why this region has become so popular for all those who love this wonderful sport.