Pot Disposal Boxes Installed At Las Vegas Airport

Pot Disposal Boxes Installed At Las Vegas Airport

McCarran Airport in Las Vegas has installed what it is calling “amnesty boxes” for travelers who wish to get rid of their marijuana.

Thirteen boxes were put in place last week, airport spokeswoman Christine Crews said.

Recreational marijuana use is legal in Nevada. But in September, the Clark County Commission passed an ordinance forbidding marijuana on airport property.

Marijuana remains illegal under federal law, and those flying with it are technically subject to TSA enforcement, although in practice the TSA typically turns marijuana possession matters over to local law enforcement.

The amnesty boxes, which are painted green, are located just outside the McCarran terminals. They were designed with drawer-drops to keep people from reaching inside and the relevant Clark County ordinance is printed on them.

Crews said the boxes are located in areas that are closely monitored. In other words, those seeking to score free weed would be quickly detected.

Pursuant to Clark County Code 20.04.090, it is unlawful to possess or advertise Marijuana/Cannabis/THC on Clark County Department of Aviation (DOA) owned property. Penalties include but are not limited to prosecution, arrest, civil and/or criminal fines, or a combination thereof. Title 20 Ordinance – 20.04.090 Marijuana Prohibited