Romance in Venice

Venice at Night
Venice at Night

Venice is undoubtedly the most romantic tourist destination in the world. Whether it is the beautiful rustic cobblestones which crumble nicely into each other, the great patterns of window boxes which are filled with colorful flowers, the array of hidden courtyard gardens, the superb classic arched bridges, or the popular gondolas, Venice will have you in awe with its’ exquisite beauty, and magical scenic views which will certainly take your breathe away.

Venice is truly a unique city. Its’ cobblestone streets and turquoise waters makes one feel like they’ve traveled back in time. It has lots of romantic sites and spots which are perfect for couples. You can spoil your lover and show them just how much you love them by touring Venice and checking out what the city has to offer. Here are some of the most romantic spots and sites in Venice;

  1. Gondola Tour – You can take your lover on an enchanting gondola tour through the Venetian canals and get to see Venice from different perspectives; you’ll view Venice as it’s truly meant to be viewed, from the calm waters. For a romantic time, choose spots such as the San Toma so as to avoid the massive crowds and get to experience a romantic and intimate gondola tour.
  2. St. Mark’s Campanille – There are lots of of romantic spots and sites in Venice, but Saint Mark’s Campanile bell tower is among the tourists’ favorites. At about 325 feet above the square, it’s the best possible spot to view the entangled lagoon and the ornate red colorful rooftops. You can also get to enjoy a vivid view of Dolomite Mountains.
  3. Bridge of Sighs – There are over 350 bridges in Venice, but the most famous one is the Bridge of Sighs. This is a very popular spot for lovers. Make sure you check it out when you go for a romantic getaway in Venice.
  4. Giudecca – Giudecca island is majestic, peaceful, unique, and offers absolutely lovely views over lagoons. There are some secluded benches on the Island with scenic views which overlook St. Mark’s Square and Ducal Palace;.It is a quiet and romantic spot for some peaceful moments of togetherness with your loved one.
  5. St. Marco Square – You will be amazed by the wonder of the great domes of St. Marco Basilica, along with the absolutely romantic central square.

Best Time To Visit Venice

The best time of the year visit Venice City is between September and November when the tourists have deserted the city. Though the temperatures at the time might necessitate warm weather wear, the lower hotel rates, and the unoccupied canals make it totally worth it.