Romance In Nova Scotia

Romance In Nova Scotia

A vacation by the sea in Nova Scotia can be an intimate getaway. No crowds or clamor; just splendid surroundings and a quiet and peaceful setting. Couples can choose to stay in oceanfront cottages, luxurious hotel suites, historic farmhouses, cozy inns, log chalets, or secluded cabins.

Couples are treated only to the best in Nova Scotia. From soft linens and luxury bath products to fine dining, spectacular scenery and amazing recreation, everything has to be first-class for a romantic holiday. Offering gourmet breakfasts, afternoon tea, fine wines, and three-course meals, Nova Scotia’s hospitality teams understand that special touches and attention to detail make the difference.

Couples can book seaside cottages and enjoy the same luxuries as hotel guests. Fresh lobster suppers, soft candlelight, delectable chocolates, and plenty of ambiance are part of the package. Large stone fireplaces and bubble-filled Jacuzzis set the mood for an evening of romance.

Balmoral Farm on the North Shore offers 250 acres in a pastoral setting for a couple’s enjoyment. Balmoral Farm is perfect for that romantic holiday, honeymoon, or anniversary. The farmhouse has been reconditioned and furnished with antiques and a collection of First Nations Art. The romantic couple are able to keep locally well crafted Seagull wine glasses which will serve a reminder in their lives. Balmoral Farm is just minutes away from Northumberland Beach.

Nova Scotia beaches are ideal for beach picnics or moonlit strolls. Sweethearts can take a gourmet picnic basket to the beach and stroll hand-in-hand in the ocean breeze. For centuries, lovers have walked along these shores and marveled at the intense beauty and mysterious magic of the sea.

Nova Scotia offers endless opportunities for couples to spend their time in the manner best-suited to them. Whether they prefer kayaking and whale watching, hiking and biking, or exploring tiny shops and historic sites, every couple will find their niche in Nova Scotia. Kite flying can be an exhilarating experience. For a refreshing experience, lovers can tour an award-winning winery in Pictou and enjoy a
Chablis or Cabernet Foch.

For fun and games, golf-loving couples can choose “Twosome Golf Getaway Packages.” Besides golf opportunities, the region’s resorts offer volleyball, horseshoes, croquet, and badminton for the sports-minded couple. Keep in mind that Nova Scotia is known as “Canada‘s Ocean Playground.”

Nova Scotia cottages and hotels are the perfect choice for romantic getaways. With its soothing tranquility and natural beauty, no place says romance more than Nova Scotia. Couples can leave behind their fast-paced lives, drink in the beauty of a star-filled indigo sky, and sleep to the sound of gentle waves lapping against the shore. Plan a weekend by the sea with your sweetheart or stay longer and spend even more romantic evenings by the ocean.

The spectacular views and unspoiled beauty capture the hearts of vacationers. Whether love is new or couples want to rekindle that spark, this Atlantic Province continues to cast its spell of romance. Couples always fall in love with Nova Scotia.

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