Romance in Sharm el Sheikh


There is something about wide stretches of open space that speaks to the essence of the human soul. Whether it is the sight of the boundless blue ocean shimmering gracefully, or the brown and yellow grains of the desert swirling over crested dunes as far as the eye can see, gazing upon them is an experience better enjoyed with someone to hold.

Sharm el Sheikh is one of the few places where you can have both at once – the vista of the desert meeting the sea is part of this seaside port’s amazing terrain. One of the most popular destinations in the entire Middle East, it boasts a solid tourism infrastructure put in place by the Israelis in the 1970s and built upon by the Egyptians since.

There is no shortage of activities but a stellar, perennial favorite for couples is a night spent out in the desert, combined with aspects of authentic bedouin life.

Drink in the romance of the glowing sunset before sharing a bedouin dinner accompanied by belly dancers and traditional music. The best part is yet to come – laying back and gazing upon the Milky Way for a view few manage to see. Because of its distance from city lights, the dimmest stars come out to play and create a dazzling sight to be savored hand-in-hand with your partner.

You can start your desert safari either on a camel if you are a couple looking for an almost singular experience, but the adventurous might prefer to fly over the dunes on a bike or 4×4 offroader.

With the desert adventure done, explore your romance under the sea with a diving or snorkeling trip in the city’s crystal clear waters. The beauty of the ocean above is met, and exceeded, by the richness of marine life below. Brilliantly hued fish dance among corals and hauntingly beautiful shipwrecks.

A romantic excursion above the waves is just as fun with a Nile cruise. Sail down the mighty river as you take in sights from a magnificent civilization from five millennia ago – the temple at Karnak, the Valley of the Kings and the towering resting places of great pharaohs.

If you bond best as a couple over an intimate meal, Sharm el Sheikh offers some of the most romantic dining opportunities anywhere. From torchlight affairs mere meters from the rushing waves to pricey restaurants to simple but delectable meals of traditional Egyptian fare, the city is a godsend to the romantic foodie couple.