Romance in Vico Equense, Italy

Romance in Vico Equense, Italy

Vico Equense, Italy: Why it is considered one of the Best Romantic Destinations

Most of us appreciate or long for some romance in our lives, be it via simple gestures such as a box of candy, a bouquet of roses, a moonlight dinner, or a simple but intimate walk with your loved one under a starlit sky. However, in most cases, the true climax of any romantic experience involves some sort of exotic destination.

Regardless of whether it is a quaint villa in the mountains, a tropical island paradise, or a city that is steeped in unique history and romance, these sorts of getaways offer couples with ideal places to visit and escape the everyday pressures and simply recharge their love life. One such destination is the Vico Equense, Italy.

If you are yearning for some kind of secluded romantic travel sensation, then you should look no further than Vico Equense, Italy. Situated in a remote village off the Sorrento Coast of Italy, this small village literally has everything that one would need to have the best romantic experience. To start off, some of the things you can look forward to seeing and experiencing includes castles, pebbled beaches, and sulphuorous springs. Furthermore, the island is not short of chapels, romantic hotels, museums, and towers overlooking the ocean, all of which are open to travelers for exploration. There are also plenty of romantic-themed restaurants and minor boutiques.

Nothing says romance better than a well-choreographed Italian trip for two. The key however, usually lies in finding the right place for such an experience. As past visitors will tell you, Vico Equense is your best bet. With its traditional setting and ideal location off the Italian coastline, you should expect nothing less than a perfect romantic getaway setting.

During your stay, you can expect to see a crenellated castle, a somewhat pink-washed cliff-top church, and a pebbled beach that will remind you why you made the trip. Another advantage of Vico Equense is that it is relatively undiscovered, which means that things are as they were way back when, or at least have some resemblance to their original form.

Furthermore, to experience the culture of the locals, you can take a stroll down the coastal roads Salvatore De Gennaro and Annamaria Cuomo where cured meats and cheeses are served at the epicurean market La Tradizione.

Another good thing about Vico Equense is the weather. Due to its location, you can expect cool breezes and warm temperatures for most part of the year, so planning for your romantic getaway should not be much of a problem. And once you are there, you are can be sure you will enjoy every moment.