Have a Romantic Experience in Buenos Aires

Jardín Japonés
Jardín Japonés

Great romance awaits you in Buenos Aires. If you are trying to figure out the best place you can visit in Argentina and spend your treasured time, then you need to think of Buenos Aires. There are several breath-taking sights with several activities where you can spend time with your lover. Buenos Aires is well known for its Italian heritage and cultural activities. It is a great place for you to fall in love.

Top romantic things to do in Buenos Aires:

  • Visit Rosedal – This is a rose garden where you can spend several hours. It has row and pedal boats for hire. You can hire the boats and spend hours on the lake boating. There are several fountains and beaches where you can sit and stare at the beautiful flowers and fountains. The botanical garden at Rosedal makes it a great place for couples who will like to have romance in a natural setting.
  • Gondolas Turisticas – You will have the most romantic boat ride in Gondolas. You will have an opportunity to navigate the calm waters of Buenos Aires. It is a great place for you to have weddings and vow renewals, marriage proposals and honeymoons.
  • Tango Buenos Aires Festival y Mundial  – This is the birthplace of tango. You can attend the worlds most important tango festival after you decide to visit the place. It is suitable for dancers of all levels. The tango festival is state organized. This means that you can have two weeks of free tango festivals. In the two weeks you will have an opportunity to attend tango classes, performances and films. There is also a competition where the best tangoers can compete for an award.
  • Teatro Colón – This is one of the finest opera houses. It first opened its operations in 1908. It took about 20 years to be constructed. You can buy tickets to watch world class operas. There are also guided tours where you get to see this Buenos Aires jewel.
  • Jardín Japonés – You will have an opportunity to see stone statues, cherry blossom trees, the network of footpaths and the red bridge. You can also feed the koi. As a couple you can relax at the restaurant and observe what is going on at the Japanese tea festival.