Setting Sail with Viking: Transform Your Travel Dreams into Reality

After an amazing trip to New Zealand our President, Lynn Farrell is back. She’s conquered jet lag and eager to dive into the world of travel once again. Her journey was nothing short of spectacular, and we’ve shared all the incredible moments on our Instagram page for you to enjoy. So be sure to check them out.

Lynn recently had a conversation with Teresa Reid of Viking Cruises, a company that’s redefining the cruising experience. With 26 years in the business and a fleet that includes 70 river ships, Viking stands at the forefront of river cruising. Yet, their offerings extend far beyond, encompassing ocean, expedition, and Mississippi cruises, each promising unique adventures.

Viking’s February promotion is a game-changer for travelers: free international airfare, a $200 cabin credit, and a nominal $25 deposit to book your journey between 2024 and 2026. Whether you’re drawn to the enchanting Rhine, the Danube’s romance, or the comprehensive Grand European Tour, now is the time to plan ahead and save.

But Viking’s allure doesn’t stop at great deals. Their focus on adult-only, small-ship cruising ensures a serene, intimate experience. With Scandinavian design, destination-focused itineraries, and inclusive dining, Viking ensures a seamless journey. Plus, every cruise includes a shore excursion in each port, making every stop an opportunity to delve deeper into the local culture.

If the idea of cruising with Viking excites you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us With just a $25 deposit, you can secure your spot on a dream cruise. Contact us and let’s make your travel dreams a reality.

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