Sandals Regency: An Adults Only Paradise found in La Toc Sandy Beach

Sandals Regency: An Adults Only Paradise found in La Toc Sandy Beach

La Toc is a popular stretch of beach known for its great scenery as well as the host of activities available to vacationers. There are a lot of hotels along the La Toc Beach, but from our experience, Sandals Regency was the standout resort for us. La Toc beach is tailor made for laidback activities such as casual swimming, golfing, walking along the beach, and more.

Adults visiting this beach always have a variety couple bonding activities to choose from. If you are planning a honeymoon or even a romantic getaway with your significant other, the Sandals Regency in La Toc is the place to go. Couples can enjoy intimate activities such as soaking in the sun together or even having cocktails while enjoying the evening breeze along the beach.

Location of Sandals Regency 

First and foremost, La Toc Beach is located along the Northern Coast of Saint Lucia Island in the capital city called Castries. You will find Sandals Regency among the many hotels and resorts along that Northern beach. It is practically impossible to miss the hotel thanks to its extensive golf courses.

What Adults Only Travel Experiences Are Available?

If you live in a city, you will truly appreciate the sheer amount of space and privacy afforded to you and your partner at the Sandals Regency. You can take long evening strolls with your partner to explore the area and not get tired of the beauty. There is also a host of activities you can do. For instance, you can treat yourselves to a couple’s day at the spa. Follow that by going on a shopping spree in Castries town as you explore the town’s culture.

In Sandals Regency, it’s not a good evening until you’ve raided the buffet and stuffed yourselves while listening to the soothing sounds of a live band. After eating, you can decide to dress up and head for one of the famous themed parties hosted by the Sandals Resort. You can also opt to sip cocktails by the poolside as the night matures.

Best time of year to go

La Toc Beach is located in a great location that receives sunny weather almost all year round. This means that people flock the island during winter time in North America. During the off peak season is when you can truly enjoy the island and that happens to be around summer time in North America where fewer people are traveling to the island.


The main attraction of La Toc has to be the paradise-like beach with its exotic coral reefs, crystal clear water, sandy beach line and warm weather. If you are honeymooning or are on a getaway at the Sandals hotel, you need to bring your significant other to Castries town which is located on the beach. The town is urban yet rich in culture and has many restaurants you can go to that serve various cuisines and cocktails.


With over 200 acres of land, the Sandals Regency has set aside a large chunk of it for golf courses, and it would be a waste if you and your partner didn’t try out golfing. After having a five-course meal, you and your partner can hit the gym or take part in evening dancing to shed some weight off.

The Sandals Regency is a lovers’ nest. It provides you and your partner a romantic getaway to propose, wed, enjoy your honeymoon or even your anniversary in the same location. How romantic is this?