Single in Copenhagen

Single in CopenhagenCopenhagen is the capital city of Denmark, and is the most visited city in the country. Being one of the most relaxed city in Scandinavia, Copenhagen has a safe and friendly street life, a great European feel, and unique cafe culture which will make you want to go back time and time again. This magnificent city is ideal for wandering through all on your own, at your leisure. As a matter of fact, Copenhagen is among the most popular cities for singles. Experiencing Copenhagen alone is rather easy, since most of the attractions are within walking distance. With that said, let’s now take a look at some exciting things you can do in Copenhagen alone:

  1. Go Cycling – The best way to explore Copenhagen when you are by yourself, is on 2 wheels. After all, Copenhagen is the most bike friendly city on the planet, and the city itself has a really attractive network of amazing cobblestone streets and beautiful canals which are best enjoyed using a bike.That said, you should know that Copenhagen was the 1st city to offer free bike rides to the public, and the scheme is still ongoing to date.
  2. Visit World Class Museums – Copenhagen is home to a really impressive range of art and historical museums. You should consider exploring the museums since it’s free to check various museum’s exhibitions by yourself. Some of the free world class museums you can visit in Copenhagen include, but not limited to; the National Gallery and Danish Resistance Museum, and the National Museum. Other museums like the Hirschsprung and Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, are usually free once a week; usually Fridays. Another museum which is free once a week (on Wednesdays) is the Nikolaj Kunsthal; it’s a contemporary arts center which is housed in a former church which has magnificent spire towers.
  3. Check Out the Little Mermaid – The Little Mermaid (also known as Den lille Havfrue in Danish), is a national symbol for Denmark, and one of the country’s most famous icon. The Little Mermaid is a statue sitting on a rock at the end of Langelinie promenade. It was commissioned in the year 1909 by J.C Jacobsen (the founder of Carlsberg brewery), and was unveiled in the year 1913. Over the years, the sculpture has been subjected to all kinds of vandalism, from having had her limbs and head chopped off, to having paint thrown over her, and even getting bombed (in the 2003).
  4. Explore Christiania – Christiania is more of a city within a city. Christiania has a rather unique status whereby it’s regulated by its’ own special law, known as the Christiania law of the year 1989. Declared a “free city” in the year 1971, Christiana was built by hippies on a former military barracks. It’s free to explore this interesting town, though you can get guided tours for which you’ve to pay. Here you’ll find an amazing collection of workshops, galleries, music venues and organic cafes. It also has its’ own bicycle factory, kindergarten, sauna, bakery, free radio transmission, cinema, bar, and various other places of entertainment.

Best Time of the Year To Visit Copenhagen

Between the months of May and June is the best time to visit Copenhagen; you will find longer days, ideal weather conditions and fewer crowds. That said, you should know that the months of January and February are not bad either; you’ll get to enjoy more affordable accommodation and fewer tourists. September is another great time to visit Copenhagen; during this time of year, you’ll find ideal weather conditions for cycling around town.

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